December 27, 2014

elsie - twenty two months

Seeing as this post is well overdue, and the blog has been on radio silence, I figured I better get it done!  Sorry it is late E, love you!

I asked Elsie how old she was the other day, "TWO!" Ha.  Let's not get ahead of our self kid.  I'm hanging on to the last two months of you being one!  It is strange though, I refuse to say she is two, because she isn't, but I also feel weird saying she is one.  She seems so much older than how I perceive a one year old.  So, she's almost two.


My lazy bum didn't measure her again, but when we were at the hospital she wasn't quite 26 pounds.  I was surprised by that.  I can't remember how tall she was.  They never told me, it was just written on the dry erase board in our room, and I forgot to write it down.  But tall.  She has to be tall.  She seems huge.  There are a handful of 2T clothes in her closet that already seem too small.  It is her height, combined with her belly that is still a force to be reckoned with.  And it just hangs out of her shirts.  I can't imagine what she'll look like when that baby belly disappears, I'll miss it!  Still size 4 or 5 diapers, and size 6 shoes.


E's night time sleep hasn't been quite as good.  She goes to bed around 8pm, and wakes up at 6:30am.  Not terrible, but I liked not hearing her until 7am!  Ha.  She is, however, napping again.  So I'll take it.  I seriously didn't know what I was going to do with myself if that kid gave up napping.  Probably cry.  Elsie is still regularly taking off her pajamas after we put her to bed.  And once, just once she took her diaper off as well.  I walked in to her room in the morning, she stood up, shook her little bum and said "I'm naked!!"  I was so shocked and didn't know whether to scold her or laugh.  It was kind of (a lot) funny.  Minus the part where she peed in the bed.  But so far that has worked to our benefit.  She lost her regular blankets for a day because they had to be washed, and we told her if she ever pottied on her buddies we'd have to throw them in the trash.  She is rather protective of those buddies (all like freaking 11 of them now) so I think that is keeping her in check.


Elsie is definitely learning more and more every day.  I'm still pretty bad about actually sitting down and working with her on things, but she has picked up most of her colors, lots of shapes, can count to 15-18 and can sing the ABCs.  Not as well as she can sing Let it Go, but hey.  She's got her priorities.  Side note, she has watched this light show set to Let it Go maybe one hundred times.  She's obsessed.  Thanks Meg.  :o)  She can pick out the letter O and the letter Y when she sees them in print.  I'm trying to work on E since it seems like a logical one, or A, but she is obsessed with O's and Y's.  Whatever works.  She has gotten pretty good at puzzles (not the jigsaw kind of course) and stacking/sorting type activities as well.


Some of the things that come out of Elsie's mouth are just the cutest.  My favorite by far is when she says "I so ex-SIGH-ted!"  She says it about random things.  Sometimes at night as I put her to bed I'll tell her our plans for the next day, to which she'll reply "Yay mommy! I so excited! Yay!"  Sometimes when she says she is all done eating I'll ask her if she is sure, does she need anything else.  She'll reply, "No more.  My belly happy!"  Also she regularly tells me, "hair bodder me!"  Haha, lots of time when I lean over her or something my hair will get in her face, like when I'm buckling her in to the booster seat and such.  Or she'll say it when she is trying to lay her head on my shoulder and my hair is in the way.

roaring like a dinosaur

One not so cute thing, Elsie is, um, kind of a turd.  She loves to torment Ryann so incredibly much.  It drives me crazy.  She picks fights all the time and does anything to push Ryann's buttons.  She chases her around the house.  She pulls her hair.  Sits in Ryann's chair.  Steals her stuffed animals.  Anything she can do to get a rise out of her.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  What a punk.


On the flip side, Miss E absolutely loves being my little helper.  She is obsessed with unloading the dishwasher and throws a huge fit if I try to do it without her.  She also constantly asks to do the laundry.  "Go downstairs?  Do laundry?  PEEEEEASE!"  She will fling herself on the floor and cry if I don't take her down with me.  And she just randomly gets it in her head that it is time to do laundry.  I generally try to go down to the basement when she is napping to have it all sorted and ready to go, but sometimes she just plain demands to do it before I'm ready.  At least she keeps me productive?  Ish... Elsie always wants to help me vacuum too.  So very cute, and so very annoying.  She just can't actually get the thing going because it is bigger than her.  And even if I try to be in control while letting her hold it, it just doesn't really work.  But it makes her happy for a bit.  Oh and if I'm wiping down counters or something, she has to open the cabinet and get herself a paper towel to wipe stuff down too.

Which reminds me, one day she was doing just that.  Opened the cabinet to grab a paper towel so she could clean too.  Well she pulled too many, and then all of the sudden she was running across the room and spinning all while emptying the entire roll and laughing hysterically.  It was a scene straight of a sitcom.  I was so pissed but couldn't stop laughing.


Elsie girl, you keep me on my toes and make me smile every day.  I love you!

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Aspen Kelty Marie said...

That second to last picture may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. Also that bow and quilt were made for each other! She is just so gorgeous!

Aspen Kelty Marie