December 2, 2014

that's what she said

listening to Lorde's 'Royals'
Ryann:  "... we're driving Cadillacs in the trees."
Me:  "They're driving in their dreams.  A Cadillac is a kind of car, so they're dreaming about driving a nice car."
Elsie:  "To Hobby Wobby?  Drive to Hobby Wobby?"
Ryann:  "I think they're driving their Cadillac to magic land where there are unicorns and castles and dragons."

Ryann:  "Elsie, can you draw a caterpillar?"
Elsie:  "Yeah!"
Ryann:  "Oh Elsie!  That is a very good bird!  But not a very good caterpillar."

Elsie:  "Dadooo dadooo!"
I have no idea.  Ryann was sitting next to me while I was typing this and insisted I include that Elsie says that...


And man these two.  We were at my parents over the weekend, and the 'pink car' finally got some serious use since Ryann received it for her 3rd birthday.  Something clicked and Ryann does a better job driving (though better does not = good!), and Elsie freaking loves going for a ride.  There was so much laughter and squeals of joy filling the air as Ryann did continuous circles on the driveway.

We were crazy enough to give Elsie a shot at driving.  The first time she actually connected with the gas, for just a moment, there was a look of sheer joy and power on her face.  She definitely felt like a queen at the wheel.  She was AWFUL at driving, and regularly would just lay on the gas without caring where she was going.  I was laughing so hard that I couldn't control the car at all.  We may have smashed one of my mom's rosebushes.  But hey, she was having fun!  Haha.

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