April 5, 2015

twenty-one weeks


written April 3rd

how far along:  21 weeks (compare to 21 weeks with Ryann, 21 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  Supposedly the size of a banana.  These fruit analogies are entertaining, especially to Ryann, but man they can be confusing.  Supposedly somewhere around 7 inches and 11 ounces, although I feel like our little girl is a bit bigger since she measured 13 ounces at the ultrasound a week ago.  Yes I'm well aware those measurements can be wrong.

weight gain:  12 pounds.  I've almost stopped caring.

maternity clothes:  I hate all clothes.  But yes, maternity clothes.

symptoms:  Between sleep deprivation and hormones I'm a complete emotional nut.  I also would like to eat everything.  But I think the latter is more related to stress than the pregnancy.

exercise: I managed to run a mile in .15 mile increments on Tuesday.  And then I spent two days sitting in the hospital with Miss Elsie and didn't do a whole lot at all.  I only got in 62,983 steps this week.

cravings/aversions: Nothing in particular.  I just like eating.

movement: It isn't super strong but I feel her moving a lot.  A few times it has been very strong though.  One night Christopher had his hand on my stomach and she nailed him a few good times.  We were both surprised at how distinct it was.  I was surprised by how high I was feeling movement already, but looking back on my post with Elsie I had the same thoughts.  I did see my belly move twice one night.

sleep:  The night before we went to the hospital I slept horribly.  And then I spent a night in the hospital playing keep Elsie's oxygen level up.  So sleep this week was miserable.  And the amount I've cried today shows it.  But whatever.

gender: Girl.

looking forward to:  I don't know right now.  I just want to survive the next few days and hopefully feel a little more 'normal' mentally.  I'm just drained and I don't want to do anything.  Yet I want to accomplish so much.

worries:  Pretty much right now I'm only worried about Elsie.  I feel like she is a little bomb waiting to go off and I'm terrified of dealing with her asthma long term.  I know it will become more second nature and less scary as we go on, but right now I'm just overwhelmed.

what's different this time:  The two major differences from my pregnancy with Elsie are the amount of weight gained and lack of ability to run.

best moment this week:  Not sure this is the best moment, but I did enjoy that when Elsie was taking a nap on my lap (and by lap I mean sprawled across my whole body), baby sister was kicking her over and over again.  Elsie didn't notice, but it was funny to me.

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