January 1, 2010

bring on 2010

So the past two years of my life have been rather eventful. In 2008 I graduated from college, got married moved to Kansas City, started teaching at a preschool and launched my invitation design business. In 2009 we purchased our first home and have spent a good chunk of time renovating it, and of course found out I was pregnant.

2010 is promising to be just as eventful. I'm not sure what it has in store, but for now I know we are expecting our first little one and that in itself will make it a year to remember.

And because only the cool kids celebrate the new year at home in their sweats watching bad TV, here are a few shots of Chris and I hanging out last night...

May 2010 be filled with joy and excitement for everyone!

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The Barkemeyers said...

Happy New Year Ashley! I know 2010 will be great (although very tiring, I'm sure) for you and Chris. I can't wait for the baby to arrive! When I get home, you can count on Keith and I as babysitters!