February 6, 2011

a couple more answers...

I had a few more questions pop up from posts that I thought I would answer here...

The chair, that I have never shown you but completely meant to?  This one?

please ignore the baby toy turned cat toy underneath it

It's in my family room.  It was originally in my parent's bedroom, and it was a darker green some sort of fabric.  My mom found this fabric on clearance at JoAnn's because they had accidentally special ordered too much for someone.  So she had the chair recovered for me in it.  I love it!  It is the perfect little chair.


What etsy seller do I use for headbands?
I've used more than one, there are SO MANY cute headbands if you just browse etsy.  But I got several just elastic headbands from etsy seller lisigirl.  They are great for using clips to change the look.  Recently I've been buying from Banner Boutique on etsy.  LOVE LOVE LOVE those headbands.  They come with the flower already attached, and she has several different ones to choose from.  I also have a couple from BUBBALou Bands (that is where I got the one she wore in her 10 month photo shoot).  The felt flowers are really cute and well made, but they aren't very flat, and it kind of bothers me how much they stick up sometimes.  If anyone knows how to fix that situation let me know!  :o).

Where are we looking to move?
Well we aren't really looking to move out of the Kansas City area.  Chris had always wanted to move to Colorado, but unfortunately (or fortunately for me and my mom, however you want to look at it :o) he didn't really like the programs he looked at out there, as much as the ones in the KC area.  He is also very interested in a program in Omaha, but I have a feeling we will be staying around here.  Match day is March 17th so wish us luck!!

We think at some point we would like to move out of our house.  We can't really make any more upgrades to our current house, because we are at the top of the price range in our neighborhood.  And even though it is a good sized house, we are already starting to feel crammed with the three of us (I think due to the fact that Ryann and I are there all the time, and I work from home).  So we would love to move to a house with a finished basement and a fourth bedroom.  But we shall see!

If you are watching, enjoy the Super Bowl today!


Jennifer said...

I love that chair!! I have been wanting to buy a vintage chair and recover it...did your mom recover it herself?? It looks amazing and I love that fabric!


-Lucky Mommy- said...

I so so love this chair! Do you name of this fabric??

Ali Rockwell said...

That chair is so pretty!! I always want to buy furniture and recover it but I am too chicken to try it on my phone and I feel like it would be too expensive to pay to have done. Maybe some day I'll give it a shot.

ashley (redonk runner) said...

what an absolutely gorgeous chair!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

I've been wondering about that chair! Good job, Ashley's-mom!

Nikki said...

I'm glad someone asked about the chair, I have been curious about it. It's very pretty.

Sharstin said...

your chair is so pretty!! love the fabric~