February 19, 2011

slow down baby girl

Holy cow.  The last week and a half Ryann has changed SO much.  Really, I can't believe how smart she is getting, and just how much her little personality is developing.

Last Saturday Ryann said her first word.  HAT.  I find it strange that hat is what she picked out to be her first word, but we'll go with it :o).  That evening we were at dinner and Ryann started patting her head and saying ha-ta.  We thought she was just being silly, but then I told Chris "I think she is actually saying something.  I think she is saying hat?"  We kind of looked at each for a minute, and then he went and grabbed one of Ryann's hats.  She smiled, pointed at it, patted her head and said 'ha-ta'.  Since then she will randomly ask for her hat, even though she will only wear it for a minute or less.  Also, one of those mornings where I was a little cranky I decided to watch my DVR'd episode of The Bachelor.  They were wearing helmets... Ryann looked up at the screen, pointed and said "ha-ta! ha-ta!".  I about died laughing.  It was so cute and I was so proud.

excited that I let her wear her hat at breakfast when she asked for it

She has been mimicking us saying all done for a couple weeks, and knows what it means, but she usually doesn't say it first, only repeats us.  So we decided we are going to count hat as the first one.  This morning she was also clearly saying "up" when she wanted me to pick her up.  She tries to say ouchie, yuck, hair bow, and waffle as well.  The things she attempts to say crack me up.  None of them are the things I expected.  Although she says mama, and dadadadida and almost clearly directs them at Chris or I, they aren't consistent.  I thought surely she would be saying mama or dada before she picked up any other words.  Oh and when she tries to say waffle?  So funny.  A lot of times it sounds like awful.

This week we also discovered that she randomly knows/understands a lot more words than we knew.  We were sitting in the family room asking her 'where is...' with the ones we usually do:  light, window, tv, max, dada, mama and baby doll.  For some reason I randomly threw out 'where is your penguin?' referring to her penguin toy that she rarely plays with, and that we don't really talk about much.  But she crawled right up to it and poked it in the face.  So Chris asked her 'where is your remote?', and she didn't try and get one of our remotes, but crawled to her toy basket and dug out hers.  She also knows what her phone is, a ball, and a pillow.  There are probably a few others but I can't think of them right now.

Lastly, she has started doing so much better picking up food and trying to eat her by herself.  I can ask her to take a bite and she will usually try whatever is on her tray.  Also, I can ask her to take a drink, and if she isn't preoccupied with something else she will.

She is becoming quite the little girl... and quite the ham :o).
apparently her go to faces = the scrunch nose and the screaming face

Sorry this post is becoming really long, but you should totally watch this video.  I have no idea why she started doing this, but it makes me giggle.

Seriously.  She is going to be one in just over a month.  How did this happen?  Slow down baby girl.  Slow down :o).


Anonymous said...

you forgot that she knows what a bunch of her bath toys are when you ask her too.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I found your blog and I love it! I became a follower! Your baby is just precious!

Julia C said...

wow - what a smarty pants! love the video, too...so precious.

Nicole said...

Amazing. I can't wait to experience that!

Mrs. Legris said...

My guy just turned one so our baby's are close in age. I am feeling the same way you are, ha. Happens way too quick!