February 11, 2011

she did it! she did it! she did it!

A little lunch time play by play...


I gave Ry a couple bites of a biter biscuit, and then I handed it to her.  She handed it back to me and said 'yum', she wanted another bite.  So I gave her one and handed it back.  She tried to give it back to me again saying 'yum'.  I refused to take it, she got kind of mad.  But wouldn't you know, after a couple minutes she freaking took a bite of it herself.  And I got really excited.  So she got really excited.  It was awesome.

I felt a little bad, because she was having a tough time getting bites without biting her fingers, but she worked through it.  :o)

Also, Wednesday night she figured out how to drink out of a straw sippy cup.  She had started holding her sippy cups and trying to suck on the spout, but she wouldn't tip it back, and whenever I tried to show her how she just let go.  Finally I decided to go the straw route and see if that would work.  It did.  And it is SO cute to see her sipping on her straw.  Sometimes she gets mad at it, and I'm not really sure why, but whatever.  It is working.  Oh, but go for the playtex brand straw cups if you're going to try it.  (Or maybe the Nuby, some people on Amazon said those ones were ok).  At first we bought the Munchkin brand ones and I could barely drink out of the dang thing.  The valve in there is definitely NOT going to leak. 

And hold the phone, this kid is taking an afternoon nap.  She hasn't done that the past three days.  I laid her down a little earlier for her morning nap, and she slept just under an hour.  So I laid her down early for her afternoon nap and she fell asleep!  I'm so excited.  It is nice to know that I might not have a little bear of a child to deal with at 6:00 tonight.

It's a good day.


Mrs. D said...

IT sounds like your little lady is growing up FAST! YAY, RY!

Jessa said...

I just love her face in the 2nd picture! LOL I never thought to do straws for my two and at first they didn't get the tipping thing for sippies either.

nikki said...

Hooray for all those exciting things. It's funny because Harper wore that same outfit today. Very cute!

Marie said...

Yay!!! She makes the most adorable faces and love that you capture them on camera!