February 16, 2011

a day in the life - kat

My goal is to not be in a grumpy mood this hump day.  I've been in some sort of a funk the past couple days.  I hope getting to read about a day in Kat's life perks up your day a bit!  Enjoy :o)


Hi everyone - I'm Kat from Measuring My Life.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful little girls, Emma Rose (age 4) and Avalynn Grace (age 1).   Ever since Emma's arrival I've been a stay at home mom part-time, working part-time jobs here and there, then June of 2009 I stayed decided to stay home full-time.  

Our days start anywhere from 7:30-8:30am, all depends when the youngest wakes up.  Today unfortunately her sister woke her up around 7.  Today was a little abnormal with it being Valentine's Day and we went out for breakfast and then ran some errands.  Normally, we have breakfast, play a little, then head upstairs mid morning to get dressed, make beds etc.  Rest of the morning is spent playing or destructing and pulling everything off of the book & toy shelves as you can see below. 

Currently, I'm working on pushing Miss A's naps later in the day instead of mid morning.  We eat lunch around noon and then Miss A goes down for nap.  And Emma looks like she's about done with naps (this makes me sad - as I really enjoyed those couple hours of quiet).  Today it was fairly nice out so Emma went out with the Hubs and they hit some golf balls in the yard. 

Once Miss A wakes up from nap, approx 2-3pm,  it's snack time.  A & E play while I get dinner ready.  Dinner times are pretty humorous lately as Miss A loves to makes these goofy expressions.   After dinner, the Hubs & I clean up dinner while having a "race" against Emma to see if she can clean up the toys faster then we can clear off dinner and do the dishes.  Avalynn hangs out in her high chair with us in the kitchen.

Tonight was a bath day, we used to take turns, but lately I've been doing the baths, I will say though, whoever doesn't do the actual bathing dries off and dresses the girls'.  Tonight we rock, paper, scissors'd it & the Hubs lost as you can see below. 

Between 6:45-7pm it's time for dessert and last bottle of the day.  As soon as both girls are done they both go up to bed.  Finally, some quiet time with the Hubs.  Here they are rocking out their new pj's they got for Valentine's Day.  

Questions from Ashley: 
1. What's the most surprising thing about being a Mom? 
- How quickly you can love this little person so fast and yes it is possible to love another bundle of joy just as much!  How happy I am when they figure out new things on their own.  And I'm a total sap - watch my oldest singing in a program and tears are coming to my eyes and full of pride.  

2. What are some tips you'd give to new moms, or soon to be mamas? 
- Rest, rest, rest - before the baby if you can (it get's pretty uncomfy towards the end), and nap when the baby naps, your first baby is the only time you'll be able to do that.  

Take tons of pictures - as the time seriously slips through your fingers before you know it. 

Accept help with meals and around the house if/when offered.  

Do what feels right for you, your baby, and family!

3. What are your top 3 baby products? 
- Angelcare Monitor - while pregnant I read SO MANY horror stories of babies passing away in their sleep on some birth boards - this eased my mind so much!!!  
- Wrap - when she was incredibly fussy and nothing else would get her to sleep one of us would throw on the Moby and she'd be out almost instantly. 
- My pump - as it helped me in the beginning create a stash so the Hubs could help with night feedings, especially when she was cluster feeding - those were the worse nights. 

* And an extra that was a life saver for us, but not really a baby product.  Monster's Inc the movie - Avalynn was a crier and one day Emma was watching this movie and Avalynn just got quiet and would stare at the screen.  And our vacuum cleaner there were times I'd just turn it on in the middle of the room and she'd quiet down.  

Thanks for taking a peak into my daily life and thanks Ashley for letting me guest post on your blog today!


Thank you, Kat, for sharing!  And a side note?  Ry totally likes Monster's Inc too.  One evening a while back she was really fussy, so we turned on the TV and it happened to be on.  She was completely content for half an hour.  It was awesome.  Have a great Wednesday!

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