February 8, 2011

feeling lazy

For some reason I don't have the energy to sit down and write a worthwhile post.  So here is the short version so I remember.

Daddy came to visit us and watch the Superbowl on Sunday.  Ryann enjoyed some interactive books on his iPad.  Ryann did some catalog shopping.  Apparently she likes Victoria's Secret underwear.  Great.  Ryann has spent a lot of going through drawers and getting in to things that aren't her toys.  Oh well :o).  


Ry skipped her afternoon nap today, so she was a BEAR for most of the evening.  The don't put me down but I don't want you to hold me kind of baby.  But she snuggled up so close when I gave her a bottle before bed.  Oy.

She also says 'um' (yum) every time she takes a bit of something.  So cute.

And we are so so close to taking a couple steps.  At least I think anyway.  She can do a wobbly walk just holding on to one of my hands.  Getting more and more dangerous by the day!

We should be heading home tomorrow, if the snow stops and the roads are good.  Otherwise Grammy is stuck with us another day.  Not that it's all that bad.  My mom is a good cook, and I don't have to do the dishes :o).

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Mrs. D said...

I am totally with ya on feeling lazy about posting!

Ry is so cute & Claire has that same pink puffy vest! Love it!