February 9, 2011

a day in the life - megan

Is it spring yet?  I am so SO sick of cold weather... but I am thankful that I don't live any farther north than I do.  Two feet of snow?  No thanks.  Apparently Megan lives with it though!  Enjoy a day in her life :o)

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  I'm Megan from TheGrowingFamily!  My husband and I are from southeastern WI (yes, we were pummeled with two feet of snow last week).  Seven months, almost eight we added to our family of two and have now welcomed our little baby boy, Currant!  I am a big of a bragger, but Currant and I share a birthday!!!  I am a Stay At Home Mom and my husband works for the family business(concrete construction)!

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Here is a look at a GOOD "day in a life" for our family......

4:45 am:  Currant wakes up, drinks a six ounce bottle and we both go back to bed till he wakes again!

6:30 am:  We are up for the day (minus naps of course)!  I get Currants breakfast ready, organic oatmeal and fruit.  Currant is allergic to all dairy and soy :(  He also had Pyloric Stenosis and you can read about that horrible day here.

7:00 am: Currant is finished eating he sits patiently in his high chair watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse (judge if you'd like) while I make my breakfast that consists of three pieces of toast with butter and jelly and my morning coffee coke!  While eating my breakfast I catch up with my emails, read my blogs and maybe get a bit of facebook in there too!

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7:30/8:00 am:  Currant and I are off to the living room to play with his toys or should I say, cords and floor vents, he never seems to want to play with things that are specifically for him!

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9:00 am:  Currant drinks a six ounce bottle and is down for a nap.  I catch up on laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, making the beds, just whatever needs to be done.

11:15/11:30 am:  Currants up from his nap and it's his lunch time.  At lunch he gets a fruit and a vegetable.

12:00 pm:  He's back off to the living room to play and I am hopefully getting myself something to eat!

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1:30 pm:  He drinks another six once bottle, falls asleep while I'm giving it to him and is off to his crib for his afternoon nap.

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3:45 pm:  Currant wakes up from his afternoon nap.

4:00 pm:  Currant is ready for his dinner, which also consists of a fruit and a vegetable!

4:45 pm:  Since it's winter time his dad gets home around this time and I feel a sense of relief.  Currant and his dad play together until bath time!

5:30/5:45 pm:  It's bath time!  My husband does this while I get dinner ready for him and I!  It also is the one thing that him and Currant do together that is special for them!  My husband really enjoys this time, so I try to let them two be alone!

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6:00/6:15 pm:  Out of the bath, pajama's and mom is getting an eight oz bottle ready!  When they are finished I give the bottle to my husband and he sits in the living room with him and Currant falls asleep with his little monkey over his face.

6:30 pm:  He's in bed, Husband and I are eating dinner and talking about our days.  We finish dinner, I shower and then we just relax and watch some TV.

8:30/9:00 pm:  We are in bed!  Yup, we LOVE our sleep!  Early birds we are!

1. What's the most surprising thing about being a mom?
  • The most surprising thing about being a mom for ME, is how hard it is.  Before I
    was pregnant I was always out and about.  Towards the last few months
    of my pregnancy and when I had Currant, I missed the ability to just get up
    and go.  It's not that I can't but my time is limited and has to be
    more planned out.  I also am surprised how the lack of socialism can
    really get to you.
2. What are some tips you would give to new moms, or soon to be mamas? 
  • Honestly SLEEP when they sleep, especially in the beginning.  I know when I first had Currant there were always people coming and going for a visit.  There were times I would say I'm sorry but I have to go lay down and I would leave the room and let my husband take over.  I felt bad at first, but I realized those people really didn't get upset if you weren't there, lets be real they want to see the baby!
  • Trust your instinct as a mother.  I know when Currant was so sick, before he was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis I second guessed myself all the time.  Most of the time your gut instinct is right.  Currant is sick often and I felt like I was a hypochondriac for my son, but 4 out of 5 times I've been spot on!
3. What are your top 3 baby products? 
  • Zip-Up sleepers (Children's Place)!  Is this considered a baby product?
  • Our high chair!  We use it for everything!  It's very similar to this one!  Because it reclines, we started using it at a very young age!  
  • Dr. Browns Bottles!  Love them and perfect to eliminate any air!
I hope all of you enjoyed my Day In A Life!  Don't forget you can find me here!


Thank you Megan, for sharing your day!

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