March 4, 2011

a couple videos

if you need a laugh, just watch a little bit of this one.  It is really long, and pretty much the same thing throughout, so really, just watch a little. 

She was overtired because she boycotted her afternoon nap.  Chris was in Subway grabbing dinner for us, and she wanted out of the carseat.  She was just a little bit slap happy :o).

Another video where she was a little tired.  But she recently started making her version of a fish face and a lion noise.  Pretty cute.

Happy Friday!


Cardigans are a gift from God said...

Oh my gosh...I could watch Ryann point to things for hours! How cute is she?!

Julia C said...

I needed a laugh so thanks for the hilarious "up" and "nope" video! :)

Lily M. said...

how cute are these videos! She is so smart! God Bless her :)