March 22, 2011


Today had it's ups and downs.

Ryann woke up crying shortly after 6:00 am this morning.  When I picked her up she was kind of warm, but I had put her in fleece pajamas, and it was kind of toasty in the house.  So we stripped her down to her diaper and gave her a bottle.  That seemed to help a bit, so I headed downstairs for my workout.  As I was coming back up, I could hear Ry crying.  Chris said she was super fussy, and just randomly crying on and off.  I picked her up and she was still a little toasty.  She also basically had her entire hand in the back of her throat, so I was guessing it was her teeth.  Breakfast didn't seemed to help, so she got a dose of Tylenol and went down for her nap.  She slept for two hours.

The good part of the day?  I was pretty productive on the work front during her nap time.  I should be caught up on e-mails and I got a great start designing a wedding program.  I also sorted all the laundry and started a load.  Yahoo productivity!

these pictures have nothing to do with today's post.  oh well.

When Ry woke up she wasn't too grumpy.  But that lasted all of half an hour.  Thankfully she didn't seem to be running a fever.  Yadda yadda yadda she cried a lot, and finally I decided it was time for another nap.  She went down without a fight and slept another two hours.  Good grief she never naps that much.

Chris and I again used this lengthy nap to be productive.  The tile is grouted!  The kitchen isn't cleaned up or put back together yet, so I'll wait to take some pictures.  But I'm really liking it.  The kitchen looks a lot different, and much more finished with the backsplash.

When Ry woke up she was definitely running a fever again.  Another round of Tylenol and a whole lot of playing pass the baby and let her scream in your ear.  Luckily the weather was great today (minus the wind) and we were able to sit outside a lot.  That is the only thing that could keep her happy.  That and hanging out in the basement laundry room.  Sorry, I'll take outside over basement laundry room.

Ry was still so cranky and a little warm towards the end of the evening, so Chris ran to the store to pick up some Motrin.  We wanted her to be comfortable so she could get some sleep.  We gave her a dose and I laid her down.  She was out in less than five minutes.  Bedtime hasn't been a struggle in over two months, but she almost never goes to sleep that quickly.

what?  isn't that how you watch tv?

I'm really hoping (I guess) that it is just teething we are dealing with, and not any sick germs.  This little girl gets to celebrate her birthday this coming weekend!  She can't be sick!

Side note... I got on the scale this morning.  I didn't lose any weight over the weekend, but I didn't gain either!  So my total lost so far is 5.2 pounds.  Hello goal met!!! (That was another good part of the day) My new goal is to lose another five pounds before April 16th.  We are going to a med school event where I'll actually get to wear a pretty dress, so it would be great to be down a total of ten pounds by then.  Fingers crossed! 


Whitney said...

I'm sorry to hear Ry isn't feeling well, but I love that last photo! She is doing a yoga pose called "happy baby" and I think that is hilarious. I love that move, too. :)

Mrs. D said...

Aw, I'm sorry you guys had a rough day, but I love the pose she's pulling while she watches tv. Sweet girl.