March 18, 2011

woot woot!

Yesterday was an absolutely great day.

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from my most awesome handy guy, Tom (Lori if you read this you can totally tell him I said that), that he had time to come up and do a backsplash in the kitchen for us.  Cue jumping up and down on my part.  Chris and I always planned to do it ourselves, but it just wasn't happening.  Tom to the rescue.  So he started bright and early yesterday on it.  I'm so excited.

sorry for the bad phone pic.  i'm too lazy to take any good ones right now.

After Tom got going on the backsplash, Chris, his mom, Ryann and I loaded up and headed over to the med center.  It was match day!!  Honestly?  I wasn't nervous at all about finding out where Chris was going to do his residency.  I was pretty confident that he would get one of his top two choices and we would be staying in the KC area.  That was, until other students started going up on stage and opening their envelopes.  Not that they had bad reactions or anything, I just started freaking out.

Ryann was all about getting the microphone

But when Chris opened his envelope, I was stoked.  He got his first choice!  So we will be staying in the KC area.  I am so so proud of my husband.  And congratulations to all of the other M4s out there who matched, such an exciting time!  (And Jes, congrats on matching to your top choice and having a baby all in one day!  Way to go!)

Side note:  Ryann HATED the match event.  Because really she hated the clapping.  Whenever people would clap (which was oh about every two minutes) she would FREAK OUT.  Eventually she was just laying on my chest (or her grandma's, or her daddy's) with tears welling up in her eyes.  So after Chris got his envelope Grandma Anita was nice enough to take Ryann out of the auditorium.  Poor kiddo.

After the match event, we headed out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  Oh the place of ridiculous portion sizes when you are trying so hard to watch what you eat.  I ended up ordering off of the 'weight management' menu (really?  could you name it something a little better).  The salad I got could have easily fed four people.  There food is good (in my opinion) but really, cut back on the portion sizes.  It is RIDICULOUS!

When then dropped Ryann off at home and headed out to a little party at Boulevard Brewery.  The theme of the day was 'my wife reads your blog'.  :o)  A big wave to all of you out there!  Ha ha.  Really, don't be ashamed to tell me you read my blog.  You're not stalking me.  I'm the one who posts this junk on the web.  Anyway.  We had a good time.

We returned home to find Ry and my mom playing outside.  I'm loving this spring weather.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no more snow.  Apparently they had been walking around a lot, because when we came inside Ryann took four good steps for us!  I say good steps, because she has been taking one and two steps for a while now, but it is usually a two step dive in to my arms.  But these were a full fledged four balanced steps before she fell in to my lap.

Ryann went to bed early because she didn't nap well.  Chris watched some basketball.  I worked on some birthday party materials for a friend.

It was a good good day.


Sarah and Derek said...

yay!! So happy you guys get to stay in KC! We need to get together because my time is almost up nannying. Guess i'll just have to tag along with you and Maggie without a kid :)

Former Fat Bride said...

Awesome entry!!! Made me so happy for you to read that your hubby got matched for his top pick! Making me so excited for my husband to start med school :o)

Sharla said...

Ok!! So sometimes I feel like I'm "stalking" blogs but it is just nice to read stories that other mamas have to share. Which I TOTALLY love how you talk about Ryann all the time. I love hearing about her and the new things she is discovering/learning to do. (I also love the name Ryann as it is also my neice's name but spelt Rhian) Thanks for acknowledging me (and everyone else) and for not making me feel like a "stalker"

Sharla the NON-STALKER from Canada

P.S So very happy for your lil family that you guys get to stay where you are!!

Life on the Terrace said...

Congratulations to Chris! So excited that your family will get to stay in the KC area like you had hoped! I also love the backsplash, looks great.

Sharstin said...

that is so fabulous girly!!ps--the backsplash looks awesome~