March 15, 2011

ryann's favorite shirt

Ryann loves to 'pick out' her clothes.  Well sort of anyway.  She really enjoys when I open the closet door and just let her touch all the shirts and dresses that are hanging up.  If she shows a real interest in something, that is what she will wear for the day.  As long as it is weather appropriate of course.

Emphasizing to everyone that this shirt makes me gag.  Ok not really, she was telling me where her teeth are :o).

Well go figure, the shirt I probably like the least in her closet, is the one she picks almost every time.  As soon as it is clean and hanging up, it is the first one she notices.  No, it isn't horrible or anything, but I just think she has a lot more cute clothing.  And seeing as she is still a bit of a baldy, I try and dress her in most girly colors.  I've taken to hiding it on one of the ends, so maybe she doesn't see it.  But she picked it out yesterday, and I figure before she grows out of it, I better let her get another chance to wear it :o).


Unrelated to Ryann's favorite shirt (I seriously have a terrible time keeping a post to one topic), today the weather outside feels wonderful, so we grabbed a blanket and a couple books and headed out to the back patio.


Really I spent the first twenty minutes we were out there walking her around, even though she wanted to crawl and explore by herself.  The ground is wet and there is so much junk from the trees all over the patio.  The big trees are so beautiful, but they make such a big mess all year long.  Boo.

When we came inside I took Ryann's shoes off.  She freaked out, so I handed them back to her.  She spent probably the next fifteen minutes trying to put them back on.  It was pretty cute.


Question for all of you out there with fair haired close to bald little ones:  Ryann rips off any hat I put on her now, but obviously her little scalp would take a beating if it isn't protected from the sun.  Besides a hat, and smearing slimy sunscreen all in her hair, is there anything I can do to keep her cute little head from getting burned?  Thanks :o)


Kelly said...

I let Carter "pick" out his own clothes too! He loves hanging out in his closet!

tracy said...

if you get an answer to your last question, i would love to hear it. my molly is a bald girl and i am curious how to handle it during the summer months!

LizHergert said...

I hated the idea of putting a bunch of gunk in my boys' hair too, but like it more than the idea of a baby with a sunburn. :)
The least greasy one I have found is Banana Boat for Baby UltraMist Continuous Spray Sunscreen. I got it a Babies R Us for $8 I think. It sprays on so you don't have to glop it on, and it's tear free too so if it gets in their eye it just startles them more than anything. Highly recommended!

Marie said...

Her personality just shines through all your photos! Love it.

Erin said...

I'd definitely do a spray sunscreen on the head. Annie was quite resistant to hats, but if we just keep putting them back on and distract her with something else, she keeps them on eventually!

Stephanie said...

So.. Brody hated putting on hats, too.. so what we did was go pick out one at the store with dad picking out one for him, too... Now he will wear his hat as long as dad is wearing his, too!