March 31, 2011

embrace the camera

So... we are definitely to the stage where you need to watch exactly what you say around Ryann.  For the longest time she has held on to the front of my shirt, or stuck her hand part way down the front of my shirt, as some sort of comfort thing.  She used to get frustrated when I was wearing a regular t-shirt because she had a harder time getting a hold of it when she was snuggling with me or having a bottle.  It is kind of cute, but her little hands are always cold. 

One day a few weeks ago she stuck her hand pretty far down my shirt, and I said something like "Oh I don't want your cold little hand on my boob!"  And then she grabbed on to my shirt, pulled it out, looked down, looked up and me and said "buhb?"  Wonderful.  Great.  My child is trying to say boob.  Way to go me.  Now randomly throughout the day she will pull at my shirt and say "buhb."  Excellent Ryann, you're learning :o).

I toyed with not posting this picture because you can see my bra, but it is too funny and something I want to remember.  So this was the other day while we were taking her twelve month pictures.


Oh my silly little girl.  I love you so much.


Go embrace the camera.  You'll like it, I promise.


Nesser said...

You're not the only one. I swear mine think it's like handwarmers or something.

Shauna at The Reed Life said...

you guys are so sweeeeet!

Amber said...

Babies love them! haha You'll be glad that you captured that moment. The second picture is precious.

Lisa said...

My twenty-month old does the same thing. Except she gets realllllly down in there. And then likes to twiddle it like a radio knob. When I disengage she screams "Nummies, PUHWEEEEESE???"

Sharstin said...

ha!! i love it~ so cute!