March 6, 2011

my smarty pants and the snail

Seriously, I know I've mentioned it a bajillion times lately, but I had no clue this little girl could be so smart.

Chris left earlier this week, while Ry and I were hanging out in the family room.  He closed the gate behind him, and she crawled up to it, stood up and started yelling.  A minute later she reaches up, and unfreakinglatches the gate.  Seriously?  Luckily they have a lock on them that we can use, but I didn't think we would have that issue this early.

We've learned there are three words you can't say, unless you want to act on these words.  Basement, laundry, and puppy.  Basement and laundry refer to the same thing (our laundry room is in the basement).  For some reason Ryann feels this strong desire to go down there.  So if you say basement or laundry she crawls over to the gate in front of the basement stairs and yells and freaks out if you don't take her down there. 

Puppy... Chris takes Ryann to the pet store to check out puppies every so often, you know, a little indoor zoo if you will.  Earlier this week she started saying 'pup pup' if we said puppy.  Well now if you mention a 'pup pup', you better darn well be taking her to the pet store.  The other day Chris asked Ryann if she wanted to go see the puppies, she got all excited and crawled over to the front door wanting to leave.  I decided she needed a diaper change before they left... she cried during the whole thing saying 'pup pup' with a big lip sticking out.  Today a couple friends were over and I was trying to get her to show off all the words she could say.  Let's just say we ended up taking her to the pet store (and almost coming home with a golden doodle, he was too freaking cute!).

Ryann loves to play with the remotes for the TV (what baby doesn't?) so we usually take a battery out and give it to her (which irritates the crap out of her, so knows that it no longer works).  Today she grabbed a remote, flipped it over and opened the battery compartment.

Onto the snail... the snail used to be Ry's favorite toy.  Apparently not so much when she is just about ready for a nap.  We pulled it out of the basket after a while of it not seeing much use.  It started out exciting, but quickly went downhill.


She was throwing a fit every time the music would stop playing.  It was ridiculous.

And so I remember... Ryann is kind of wimp.  She scares incredibly easily.  If she so much as remotely bumps in to something she starts whining.  And her favorite word right now is ouch (which she rarely uses in the appropriate context, but hey).  The other morning she was pulling books off her shelf for me to read and she slipped.  It was a weird awkward slow motion fall but I couldn't catch her.  She ended up on her back between the bookshelf and the glider.  She looked up at me and said "ouch?".  It was absolutely adorable.


Nikki said...

Look at that face! oh my, so cute!

You better get that girl a puppy, well, maybe not, but seriously, how cute.

Emily Golding said...

She's so stinkin' cute!

We have a 1-year-old who has the same remote obsession and of course it doesn't stop there, she has to be in the entertainment center, messing with the Wii, my husband decides he will turn the TV off when she goes over to the TV and starts messing with everything...doesn't bother her one bit, she simply reaches up and pushes the power button on the TV...we have NEVER pushed the power button on the TV!

Erin said...

She seriously sounds like such a riot!! I'd love to just watch her in action for a day :) The slow mo falls are too hilarious to me - Annie just did that yesterday and ended up flat on her back just staring up, and I couldn't help laughing :)

Nikki said...

It amazes me how much and how fast they learn at this stage.