May 23, 2012

week in iphone pics

I thought I was three weeks behind with my phone pics, but apparently it was only two.  Which is awesome.  So hooray!  Caught up on those.  And I am *this* close to having all of my current design projects done.  Doesn't mean the to-do list is getting any shorter, but at least I won't feel guilty about using my time to blog.  Or finish my elevated envelopes that were supposed to be mailed out May 1st.  Or re-design my besties blog.  Which I was going to do like two months ago...

Moving on!

I started my mother's day off right, setting a new 5k PR.  Threw on some clothes (well, and curled my hair) and headed to Lawrence to watch my baby sister graduate.  It was an exhausting morning for Ryann.  She did good, but she crashed hard by the time we got back in the car.  That evening we headed over to Chris's aunt and uncle's house for some burgers.  Ryann LOVED the tree swing of course.


Meh.  Our attempt at a morning smile for Daddy :o).  We had a play date with JT.  It took Ryann about .5 seconds to find the water table in their backyard and get all nice and wet.  We were on our own that night, so I had to take over bath duties.  I hate doing bathtime, but at least my kid is cute.


Tuesday morning I struggled hardcore to get us up and moving.  We may have watched an hour of Disney Junior before I decided enough was enough and we were going to the gym.  That afternoon while we were having snack on the front porch, Ryann looked up at me and said "Mama I'm going to go touch da tree."  And she did.  And came back and finished her snack.  Silly girl.  Also silly is her fish face, and rolling around on the chalk and dirt covered driveway.


Umm, I can't remember exactly what we did on Wednesday.  I think Grammy came to play.  All I had on my phone were these gems.  Particularly that one on the far right.  It's a keeper.


Sadly this was the only picture on my phone from Thursday.  I say sadly because it was actually a great day.  It was Ry's last day of MDO for the year, and she looked super cute.  I picked up my friend from the airport, and more friends joined us for dinner.  Ryann became obsessed with my friend's boyfriend, and it was awesome.  But all I've got is her PASSED OUT when I came to get her from MDO.  I tried to wake her.  It didn't really work.  It was the first time she almost stayed asleep when I picked her up since she was a newborn.


While the hospital held my husband hostage for the weekend, Ryann and I headed to Grammy's house.  Top left is one of her Eater basket presents.  Apparently it looks way more awesome if you are as close to it as possible.  After nap we went to the mall in search of dresses for me to wear to some weddings.  Ryann got to ride the pony, but the best part of that picture is the little girl creeping.  I have no idea who she is.  That evening we did a little swimming.  Thankfully Ryann seems to love the pool a little more than last year.  Now I just have to actually teach her to swim...


Saturday was quite the day.  I left Ryann with my parents and headed to Lawrence.  There was a baby shower for one of my pledge sisters in the early afternoon, and another pledge sister got married that evening.  It was 12+ hours of acting like I was in college again (minus the fact that we were celebrating babies and marriages, but hey).  I was definitely feeling my decisions the next day, but ultimately it was a day that was good for my soul.  It was so nice to see a good chunk of my pledge sisters.  We had a blast together.

Now if I could just get up to date on my project 366 photos...

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Sharstin said...

love! and miss Ry in that blue dress is to cute~