May 4, 2012

that's what she said

Man at another table in the restaurant burps.
Ryann:  "Excuse somebody else!"

Me:  "Ryann I love you so much."
Ryann:  "I know."

Me to an ant crawling on the wall:  "Oh great.  Where did you come from?"
Ryann as matter of fact as she could be:  "Outside."
Touche little one.  Touche.

After ripping several good ones.
Ryann:  "I've got toots in my butt!  Lots of 'em!"

Me as Ryann is trying to run out the doors at a restaurant:  "Ryann come back here now!"
Ryann:  "I want to go back to Georgia!"
Grammy:  "Sweetie we're in Georgia."
Ryann:  "This isn't Georgia.  This is just the restaurant!"

Ryann tends to think that certain houses are a specific state or city.  My parent's house in Georgia is Georgia.  Our house is Kansas City.  The hotel we stay at in Omaha is in fact Omaha.  We've tried to reason with her, explain that the whole place is whatever state or city we're in, but there is no hope.  So if she asks to go to Kansas City, she is wanting to go to our house.  You know, just in case that is ever relevant for you, ok?


And yes.  Ryann and I are at the beach (well, in Georgia) and loving it.  I apologize for the overload of pictures on instagram.  I could delete some after I edit them, or turn to airplane mode so they didn't all go to my feed, but I am far too lazy for that.  So if you follow me (@thedomesticwannabe) you'll have to suffer through them :o).


a happy mamma said...

Never too many photos! They are always adorable :)

I love looking at your Georgia trips, always so fun! You're making us all jealous having some perfect beach time :)

Ashley said...

Too cute! I love the things little kids say!
Oh, and I am following you on instagram now!

ashdiane1224 is my username

Jennifer said...

She's hilarious! And I love seeing all your pics on instagram.

Noe said...

She's just too sweet.... <3