May 26, 2012

project 366 {week 20}


There aren't many projects or goals that I've stuck to for twenty weeks straight.  So the fact that I've made it this far without missing a day is an accomplishment all in itself.  There are sometimes at the end of the day that I have to hastily snap a photo, try and come up with something interesting, just take whatever I can get, and those night make me hate the project.  But then I flip back through the photos and I am reminded once again why I am doing this.

It isn't just about taking pictures.  Yes, it would be nice to have a book full of absolutely beautiful shots.  And some people have the ability to accomplish that.  But what is breathtaking about my project for me is the change in my child.  I can't believe how different she looks over the course of these last twenty weeks.  I so wish I had done this for the first year of her life.  (Cari I hope you're still going strong at it!)  I wanted to, I just couldn't commit.

But Ryann is still at an age where she is changing rapidly.  And I am so thankful to have documented her as she emerges out of babyhood into a toddler, a little girl, as well as some 'firsts'.  I truly hope that I can stick with it.  32 more weeks.  I can do it!


Cari Mooneyham said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am still doing it (I'm about a week and half behind right now because Ben is finishing up finals and we're moving on Tuesday, but at least the pictures are taken!), and I only have 2 more weeks to go! I can't believe she's almost one! It's been challenging, and like you, some days it's just a hasty shot in the bathtub because I forgot to take a picture earlier. But also, like you, I love looking back over the pictures and I just can't believe how much she's changed. It's amazing. Keep it up! You will certainly be glad you did :)

Meaghan said...

I love this project! You should definitely stick with it :) I can't get over how much Ryann looks like you-- especially in that adorable ponytail. I could eat her up.

lindsay the happy mamma said...

Great job! I had to throw in the towel on my 366 project :( I am now condensing to a 52 week project so I can also work on my editing. I always felt like I was taking a picture just to take a picture, ya know? I felt like my project had no substance so I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Who knows what 2013 will bring. I will have 2 boys at that time so it may lead me to something, but for know I will focus on the 52 week ;) But it is so fun to go back and reflect on everyday and that's why I still do the week in IG. You do a great job with your photos! :)

Ashley Webster said...

You honestly have incredible talent when it comes to writing and photography. :) I love your blog :)

suzanne @ pretty swell said...

These are amazing!

I've been thinking of putting together a family "yearbook" every year on blurb or shutterfly. Just photos that show our daily life, no words or fancy design. I want to do something with all of these pictures I take, but printing them and buying albums is just so cumbersome (and expensive).

Your project 366 shots will make an awesome treasure for little R. So impressed that you're 20 weeks in! Keep it up!