May 9, 2012

this and that

::  My bestie's wedding is being featured today over at the Everygirl.  Meg put together such a fabulous event, and I am so happy to see her featured.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of her big day.  Meaghan means the world to me.  I've shared a few other shots from her wedding before, you can see them here.


::  Ry and I are getting up bright and early to head back to Kansas in the morning.  And I'll be greeted by a nice pile of projects I didn't finish before we left, plus some more that I need to add to my list.  To say the least I'm already looking forward to coming back to Georgia in June with my whole family.  I think life is going to be a little crazy until then!

::  On that note I'd like to stay in Georgia for quite a while longer.  Because my kiddo is pretty much a beach babe.  She LOVES looking for shells and touching the water.  And she looks way too cute in her beach gear.  I almost can't handle it.  In case you're curious, both hats are from Old Navy, the white cover up is from The Children's Place, and the pink flower suit is from Target last year.


::  The only thing I'm not loving about Georgia?  Ryann's sleeping habits (and the fact that I haven't seen my husband in a week, but that is beside the point).  One would think all the playing outside would make her sleep great.  But no.  She has been up by 6:30 pretty much every morning.  Which is 5:30 back home.  Are you kidding me?  Not cool.  Naps have been a bit shorter as well.

Speaking of... she is awake.  Time to go!   


Sharstin said...

lovin all the cute beach picts! and how fun your friends wedding was featured! love that shot of the two of you!

MommaBBabyboy said...

Your IG feed is making me SO jealous! Of the beach, and Ry's super cute beach style!! She's such a sweetie!! Xxx