May 31, 2012

week in iphone pics

So this phone pic recap is a few days later than I was planning, but if I can get the next one up on time I will be completely caught up.  Woot!  Now if I could just get caught up on laundry/cleaning/grocery shopping/etc...


After making it back from a crazy night in Lawrence, we started the day off right with a boat ride.  It was a bit windy, but that just meant after a little bit of fun with Papa my girl snuggled up with me.  While Ryann napped I did a little snoozing of my own... by the pool of course.  After nap Ryann spent more time hanging out with Papa.  She is pretty much attached to him at all times if possible.  Thanks for putting up with it Daddy :o).


Daddy was still snoozing post call, so we had our afternoon snack on the porch.  Then Ryann dominated her 24 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Puzzles are her absolute favorite thing right now (well, except for playing on the iPad and eating sweets, but those aren't always readily available :o).  We made a trip to the grocery store and Ryann got awkwardly excited about pickles.  On the way home she rocked out to Rumour has it.  Her current favorite song of course.


Check it out.  First attempt at braids.  It was TOUGH!  There isn't quite enough hair for me to actually want to attempt them again anytime soon.  But they were cute.  And she loved them when we checked them out in the mirror.  After nap we walked to the park, and sent silly smiles to Daddy while he was working.


Last week Shawna shared 'yellow'.  I showed it to Ryann.  We now watch it a minimum of three times a day.  Oh and that up there in the middle?  Her arabesque :o).  Too cute.  We had a little playdate with my friend Abbey and her baby girl Harper.  Ryann's curls were out of control after nap.  Oh, and she found the sucker in a drawer in our house and begged me to let her have it.  She asked so nicely that I couldn't say no.  But she was absolutely traumatized when she dropped it in the dirt and I took it away.  Seriously, epic meltdown.  Girl loves her sweets.


Oh that?  That is just what I look like when a curly headed monster wakes me up before 5:30am multiple days in a row.  No cool little friend, not cool.  We went for a walk and stopped at the park.  Ryann can never get enough of the slides.  At naptime Ryann tried to protest by yelling at my through the monitor.  I stood strong, she took a nap :o).  After her little siesta she cooked me up some b for d and we waited for daddy on the front porch.


Friday morning we had to make some cookies for my friend's wedding (milk and cookies bar = awesomeness).  The first picture shows the dangers of baking with a toddler.  After nap we opted for a little bit of water table play.  Ryann wasted no time emptying the water from the table onto the patio.  But she had a TON of fun doing it.


If you aren't already aware, I have a ton of hair.  And I'm not real efficient with the curling iron.  So it takes me FOREVER to get it done.  But I wanted to get all prettied up for my friend's wedding.  It was worth it, I think the hubs and I cleaned up rather well (and yes, he wore a shirt to match my dress on purpose.  He just happened to have one that went perfectly!).  It was fun spending the evening, and having milk and cookies :o), with friends.  Big congrats to the newlyweds!

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Molly Meis said...

Hey Ash, I feel ya on the curling your hair thing. I have TON of hair right now and wanted to curl it for a wedding a few weeks ago. I actually used velco rollers (with supplementary clips) and it ended up giving me great volume and the curl did hold for awhile. There are a lot of great youtube videos to show you how to use them. I'll definitely be using them again!