May 25, 2012

that's what she said

Ryann:  "The pumpkins are boys."
... and then she walked off.  I have no idea.

Ryann:  some words that I understood, but didn't make sense in a sentence
Me:  "Um, sure."
Ryann:  "Did you understand me?"
Me:  "Kind of."
Ryann:  "Are your listening ears on?!?!"

Me:  "Ugh.  I don't want to clean the kitchen."
Ryann:  "Mommy, if you don't want to, you don't have to!"
Oh my dear, if only the world worked like that.

Ryann, while in her crib, supposedly going to sleep...
"I had a little turtle, her name was little Ryann, I put her in the bathtub to see if she could swim like a fishy.  And she sits on the potty.  And she does little poopies.  And big poopies too.  Cause she's a big girl.  Yeah yeah yeah!  Monkey see, monkey do, come meet monkey in the zoo..."
All of this was one continuous song.  Yep.

Me:  "How bad do you want a cookie?  So bad?
Ryann:  "But I'm a good girl!"



lindsay the happy mamma said...

BEST post yet! Love her facial expression too. "pumpkins are boys", that's hilarious to me!

Hawt-Momma said...

I seriously LOVE reading these posts! She cracks me up!!!

Sarah and Derek said...

She cracks me up. That song is awesome.

Amber and Brian said...

She is hilarious! And so adorable. I just love all of her silly faces.