March 18, 2013

a slice of heaven

Honestly, it still baffles me that I can find refuge in a short run around the neighborhood.  Me, the girl who just a short while ago much rather scrub the kitchen floor than exercise, now is calmed by my feet pounding the pavement.

It is quickly becoming apparent that squeezing in time for a workout is going to much harder than I thought.  As the current sole provider of nutrition for Elsie, I have a max two hour window of time to myself to be away.  Usually a wee bit less.  And the list of things I want to get done in that window is long.  Throw taking care of the toddler and sleep into the mix and there are a million in two reasons why going for a run can take a backseat.

One day last week I debated between going for a run and trying to clean something while Elsie was sleeping, and Chris kicked me out the door.  He told me I'd be a happier person if I just went for a run.  Of course he was right.  The sun was shining, the air was a bit crisp, it was my ideal weather for a run.  Cold enough that you don't get hot, but not so cold that you need gloves and extra crap that get in the way.  When I first started off, my hips and pelvis felt a bit sore from my first postpartum run, but things didn't take too long to loosen up.  And then I truly relaxed.  For 30 minutes there wasn't a pile of laundry staring me in the face.  No dirty dishes.  No strewn about toys.  I wasn't the milk machine waiting for the next feeding.

I was me.  It was a strange feeling.  Really, it was only 30 minutes, and of course I knew I was coming home to all of those things (plus a family I love, but hey).  But for that little span of time I felt free, and I felt like myself, whoever that is.  With the sun streaming threw the tree branches, it truly did feel like a little slice of heaven.

Workouts are going to be hard to come by for a while.  Until we can start going back to the gym, or figure out a better way to slide them into the schedule, it is just going to be tough.  And all of those other things are always going to be nagging me to get them done too.  But that run solidified that I need my workouts.  For a healthier body and mind.  My six week check-up is this Friday, and I've been waiting to do anything besides walk or jog until then, but hopefully my doc will clear me to resume all normal activities (I don't have any reason to believe she wouldn't).  Then I can try to figure out how to toss in some 30 Day Shred workouts when I can, along with some of the short random workouts I'm finding on pinterest.

In regards to my goals for this week?  Yeah.  None of them happened.  I have definitely cut way back on the chocolate intake, but the sugar intake and general snacking are at an all time high.  And that run might have been the only workout from last week.  I think there might have been one other walk run, but that is it.

For this coming week I'm not going to make any concrete goals.  I have a lot on my to-do list that I just want to get done, and we decided to have Ryann's birthday party this coming Saturday, and I have done literally nothing for it but invite people.  And buy a bunch of tissue paper and balloons.  So I'm just going to work on surviving, and putting together a little shindig that will make my kiddo happy.


Thank you so much to everyone who has been linking up!  10 posts were linked last week, that is a record for me.  I love reading about your adventures in health and fitness, keep it up!


Expat Girl said...

Don't be too hard on yourself about workout goals, you haven't even had your post partum apt and you have already been running, that is better than a lot of us!! I have finally got my two on the same sleep and nap schedule so my two workouts a day are before they wake around 7am and at naptime around 2pm and then I throw in all the other craziness like sterilizing bottles, feedings dogs etc after that!

Former Fat Bride said...

Have you found that you are craving sugar after breast feeding? I am still having that problem 16 weeks postpartum. good for you for getting out there!

Anonymous said...

I totally get you about the feeling like a milk machine and feeling tethered to your child- my little girl is 9 months now and I still get that feeling every once and a while (although she's only nursing every 4 hours now). It's one of those things that come with breastfeeding but you really need to embrace it- if it means that the laundry gets a bit wrinkly, or you only wash that fork when you need it to eat the next meal (hey- no judging!) then that's what it means.
Also- the sugar cravings are totally normal for nursing- milk has a high sugar/fat content and it's your body's way to make sure you're getting enough!

Liz Runningmomma said...

Those first few runs were the hardest to get in, but man were they amazing! I can't imagine trying to squeeze everything in with a toddler as well. You are doing awesome!

Sarah and Derek said...

Totally with ya on exercising makes you feel better. 30+ min alone with no kids or responsibility is just what a momma needs. good job running even if it was just 1 day. its all I did too :)

Brenna said...

Love this post... finding our way back after kiddos is tough but you will totally do it!

Amber said...

Breastfeeding can be so isolating. I'm glad that you took the time to get out and hope if you can even once a week that it will help through these first hard months. Hope to see you Friday!