March 28, 2013

this and that

... and a whole lot of pictures.  Totally dumping a couple weeks worth of photos from my DSLR into this post.  Sorry.

::  By some miracle Elsie went back to sleep by 6:45am, and Ryann is still sleeping at 7:30am.  Seriously.  No idea how this is happening.  I'm can almost guarantee one of them will wake up before I ever finish this post, but still.  I managed to put on make-up and straighten my hair.  Small victories people, small victories!

::  Alright help me out with this one.  We've been reading stories out of the bible, no biggie.  Except, there are mean kings who kill people, and people who die in the bible, and now all of Ryann's toys are dead or dying.  Or getting attacked by a mean king.  I mean honestly, I can't win can I?  I've tried to explain that we should play like that, and pointed out that the dinosaurs on Dinosaur train are nice to each other (what she has been acting out a lot lately) and they aren't dead.  But no dice.  Obviously it is natural for her to play out what she has heard, but how do I teach her the bible stories without her talking about everyone being dead?


::  Speaking of Miss Ryann, tomorrow she turns three.  How on Earth did that happen?  I know we just had her party and all, and I should be prepared for this, but three?  Completely insane to me.  As is how grown up she has seemed lately.  Oy.  Hopefully tomorrow is a special day for her.  I'm trying!

::  I think I'm going to have to go dairy free for Elsie.  We aren't 100% sure, but there seems to be a slight correlation between her fussy days and the amount of cheese I eat (my main source of dairy, I don't drink milk).  Hold me.  I know I've been talking about cleaning up my diet, but dairy free wasn't something I was really interested in.  BUT if it helps the little miss I should try, right?  Right...


::  Well, that lasted 10 minutes.  But still.  Ryann slept until 7:40!!!  How is that even possible?  Currently Elsie is sleeping and Ryann is in her room having 'quiet time'.  Usually she falls asleep, but today she is being anything but quiet.  Throwing books out of her bed, playing with her stuffed animals, coming out of her room every five minutes because she NEEDS something.  I told her the next time she comes out I'm taking all of her stuffed animals.  Hopefully that will keep her in there.  Because I want to finish this up (I can't even remember what else I wanted to say).  And my house is a disaster, per the usual.  And we are heading to Topeka for Ry's birthday and I haven't packed anything.  Whoops.  Gotta make this quick...

::  Last night Elsie slept from 10:00pm to 2:30am (and the last time she had eaten was 8:15pm, so six hours between feedings), ate, slept until 6:00am, ate, and slept from 6:45am to 8:45am.  Now it would be even more awesome if she wasn't such a pill about going to bed in the evenings, but still.  Slowly but surely we are seeing some longer night stretches.  Ohmygawd the toddler is yelling at me and now Elsie is squirming and I'm going to lose my shit.  I love sleep.

::  Ok just photo dumping the rest and resisting the urge to go lock the toddler out of the house.


::  Oh wait these photos?  Remind me a wee bit of this picture and these photos...


::  And the toddler just came out of her room yet again.  LOSING MY MIND.  Send chocolate.  Except I'm trying not to eat chocolate.  Eff.


Mrs. Jenna said...

Oh my god the side eye. I can't even.

christa said...

So cute! Hey Ryann and I have the same birthday!

Caits said...

I can imagine how fun your girls are going to be together!

Sandy said...

I love this post for so many reasons. The pictures are awesome. Both your girls are beautiful, and it has been fun watching Ryann warm up to Elsie. But, I also love this post because the "motherhood" comes out so clearly! said...

That last picture? Totally Ryann. Oh gee, you are in trouble :)

*Sending non-diary cheese*

Lindy said...

I ended up cutting out diary. It helped a lot wih spit up and throwing up! They make some decent diary free cheese that you can use in dishes, I wouldn't eat it plain though. I slowly introduced diary back in around 7-8 months and it was fine by then.

And that last picture is too cute!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I can so relate to your "issue" over Bible stories! What I have found is that balancing out all the evil kings and death with stories about Christ as a good King and how he overcame Death help. Even saying a little summary at the end of a story with killing that was like "Those men were bad, but Jesus was good!"

We love the Jesus Storybook Bible and I especially love that it ties every story back into the gospel. Worth checking out!

Carrie said...

maybe you're totally against meds and of course that's fine too but just wanted to also suggest talking to your ped about zantac or prevacid maybe. my kid was crazy fussy and grunting and arching his back and all that good stuff... doctor gave us zantac to try and it was like flipping a switch. my kid went from a hot mess to such a happy, almost easy even, baby. soooo just wanted to throw that out there in case it's not a milk protein allery thing.

also, all of your "LOSING MY MIND" type of comments in this post made me laugh... because it was exactly how some of our nap times around here are. right there with you!

Lindsay said...

Adorable! I just want to sympathize with the cheese love and going dairy free. I went dairy free at 6 weeks in an attempt to find a solution for the insane colic. It took 2 weeks to get out of my system and it was a miracle! I only began incorporating it back without consequence at around 10 months, but it was soooo worth it. He also had reflux and was on Zantac but I didn't find it to be a huge difference. It doesn't stop the spit up, only the acidity and pain. I highly recommend trying to give up dairy for a few weeks and see. It was our miracle from hours of screaming

kelsey jo said...

I know I'm late commenting but I just wanted to give my two cents about the dairy thing as I dealt with it recently with my second as well. My doctor actually suggested I try giving up corn and wheat (mostly wheat gluten) instead of dairy and it worked IMMEDIATELY and did wonders for my son. I tried dairy prior and was still having issues, much to this cheese loving Momma's dismay. It's amazing how many things contain corn and/or wheat but for me it has been much easier than dairy. :)