March 6, 2013

that's what she said

Ryann:  "When you shrink and I'm big like you I can drive you around in a car."

Me:  "Whoa!  We just drove right over the train tracks [on a bridge].  Did you hear the train?"
Ryann:  "Yes... Can we drive on the train tracks?"
Me:  "No.  The tracks are made specially for the train's wheels.  The wheels of our car are made to drive on flat roads and streets."
Ryann:  "Well, we could ask Mickey Mouse for some super wheels and then we could drive on train tracks."

Ryann:  "Can Elsie drink milk from my boobs?"
Me:  laughing "No, she can't."
Ryann:  "It's NOT FUNNY!!"
Me:  trying to stifle laughter  "You're right.  It's not funny.  But no, Elsie can not drink milk from you."
Ryann:  "Why?"
Me:  "Because it just doesn't work like that.  You won't make milk until you get big and you have a baby."

I felt really bad about laughing at her when she asked that.  Because it really was an honest innocent question.  But it was funny to hear her say it.  So far only once has she mimicked me nursing, trying to nurse her baby doll, but that was pretty funny too.  She was wearing a dress and was having issues trying to get it to stay up.  She frustratedly said "How do I get all the way up to my boobs?!?"  We wound up tucking the dress up into the neck so she could 'feed' her baby.  Then she told me she was a good mommy.  It was pretty cute.


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Kelly said...

I love that haha I think it is beyond precious when the sibling tries to nurse their babies.