March 30, 2013

dear ryann

Dear Ryann,

Oh my little miss.  I meant to write this yesterday, on your actual birthday, but it just plain didn't happen.  Between hanging out with you, taking care of your sister, and going with your Daddy to do some stuff, there just wasn't time.  Seems to be the trend lately.  Life has been rather hectic.

These last several weeks have been kind of tough on you, on all of us really, but especially on you.  I definitely get it.  You went from being the center of everyone's world for almost three years, to having to share a lot of the attention.  But the whole situation has been getting better every day.  And oh my do you love your sister.  Seriously, you are too sweet with her.  You hate that she has to sleep so much, you always tell me she isn't tired because you want to play with her.  And you talk to her like I do, "hello sweetie!  how are you?  oh miss elsie belsie.  there's my girl!"  It is just the cutest thing ever.  And she loves you right back.  No, she can't say it yet, but when you're in the room she tracks you like crazy, and now that she can smile she saves some of her biggest ones for you.

You and I?  Sometimes we have a hard time getting along.  You are quite the strong headed opinionated girl.  And I can't say you always express said opinions in the most appropriate or friendly manner.  But I absolutely LOVE that you are so much your own person.  You march to the beat of your own drum.  Sometimes that beat is a bit awkward :o), but you have a certain confidence about you that makes it absolutely perfect. 

All of the sudden you seem so grown up to me.  I know part of it is that now we have your sister to take care of, and she is just so little.  But you've really changed over the last month.  Your speech and vocabulary have always been above average, but now I swear you sound like a teenager, or a little mini adult half of the time you talk.  It just kills me.  I think your daddy and I look at each other at least three times a day after you say something funny or witty, and say "oh I love her."

Girlie, you are still my bestest little friend.  I hope that never changes.  I love you so much, and I hope you love me too.  Even if we don't exactly like each other all of the time.  I pray that you keep growing up into the strong and confident girl I see you becoming.  There is a whole lot of amazing packed into your little body.



At first Ryann was directing me on different animals I needed to be.  And then Bruce (the shark, like on Nemo) had to get in on the action.  At first I was annoyed, because of course I just wanted some 'nice' pictures of the two of us, but I think Bruce really makes the pictures.  :o)


Amber said...

It's hard to incorporate whatever they think is important at that moment. Like last week I just wanted Riley to practice her printing. Instead she wanted to write a three page (college ruled single line spacing) story. And then read it to me for the next twenty five minutes when I was trying to work. I was thinking KID I AM BUSY.

But I realized it was her interpretation of what I had asked her to do. Which is totally important for helping her feel heard. So Bruce the shark is a really important addition to the photograph, and one you will probably remember better than whatever "nicer" picture you wanted in the first place. Which is totally cool.

Brenna said...

I love her hair pulled back like that! Adorable! Cannot believe she is 3- and my little man will be 3 in less than 2 weeks! Wow time has flown!


Jenny said...

I cannot believe she is three. I remember back before she was born when you were getting her nursery ready and obsessing over Etsy finds for her, and now she is THREE! Insane! But she shares a birthday with my own mama, and that is pretty awesome, so happy birthday Ryann!

Also? I totally dig Bruce in the pictures. =)

Nikki said...

So Cute! I can't believe 3 already. They grow up too fast!

Kelly said...

Doesn't seem possible that I have been reading long enough for her to be three. I love, love, love Bruce in the pics- especially the last one! You girls are so pretty :)