June 19, 2013

a day in the life - sara

Morning.  Elsie and I just had a 45 minute battle about taking a nap.  I won.  Boom.  But... I don't want to fight with her anymore, so it is about time to do some sleep training.  Ugh, I'm dreading it.

That is beside the point.  Today you get a peek at Sara's day!


Hey there readers of "The Domestic Wannabe!" I'm super excited to be guest posting for Ashley today, I've been reading her blog for years and just recently started my own blog with two of my best friends. I am the "H" of Real Livin' with HSB...but you can call me Sara! I am married to my husband, George, and have a four year old daughter named Felicity (Lis). Most of my blog posts have to do with crafting, decorating or party planning, so this is a whole new type of post for me...I hope you enjoy a glimpse of a day in my life!  

2:50am I hear Felicity calling for me...I go into her room to find that one of her stuffed animals has fallen out of her bed. I pick it up, give her a kiss and tell her to go back to sleep. For the next half hour, I hear her singing and playing in her room. IT IS 3:00AM...GO TO SLEEP CHILD!

 3:47am Felicity is calling for me again...I go into her room to check on what it is that she needs now. She can't get a dress on one of her baby dolls. At this point, I tell her that she needs to go to sleep and that if I hear her playing with dolls one more time, she will lose them for the rest of the night. This seems to work as she is silent and, hopefully, sleeping for the rest of the night!  

6:35am My alarm goes off and I reluctantly wake up and jump in the shower. I try to get myself as ready as possible before I wake Felicity up for the day. I'm dressed, accessorized and have my hair fixed by the time I wake her up.  

7:05 am I attempt to wake Lis up for the day...of course, she is having none of it due to her little night party. She eventually gets out of bed and gets dressed for the day, although she is not thrilled about it. I have her go to the potty, and I brush her teeth and hair before we leave for the babysitter's house.

7:30 am We arrive at the babysitter's house, who is actually my blogging partner B's sister. She has been watching Felicity for me since she was a year old. Lis loves going to her house...which makes leaving her for the day a little easier on me! Stacy takes care of feeding Lis breakfast, which definitely makes our morning routine easier and shorter. I kiss Lis and head off to work.  

8:32 am I arrive at work...I travel into the city of Pittsburgh for work, so typically, the drive takes me about 50 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. Traffic wasn't too bad today, but I did have to stop for gas on the way. I'm notorious for waiting until I am on fumes before I get gas...today was no different. Thank God for Sirius radio, that may be the only thing that gets me through my work commutes. Love it!  

Until Noon I have to say, my morning at work was quite unproductive. I train faculty for a living and do all of my trainings over a web based system, since all of our instructors are remote. For some reason, I lost all sound capabilities on my computer overnight. I spend most of my morning working with one of the office IT guys trying to fix the issue. Once we have the sound issue fixed, I work on answering a bunch of emails that have been sitting in my inbox in relation to a training certification I have been working on for the past month or so...  

12:00pm I head out to grab lunch with two of my coworkers...we hit up a local Peruvian restaurant that has some amazing food. We are able to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the views of the city before a round of storms are supposed to come through the area. My office is on the outskirts of the city, in a pretty popular tourist location. In the Summer, the area is quite busy with tourists and locals all out enjoying the shops and restaurants.

1:00pm I return to work to call George...he works the night shift (7pm-7am) and sleeps until about 1:00pm everday. He picks Felicity up from the babysitter's house once he wakes up and hangs out with her for the rest of the day. He informs me that he is taking Lis to the local pool today, since the bad weather seems to be holding off for now.  

Until 5:00pm After I hang up with George, I prepare for a meeting that I have this afternoon. We are launching a new training for new faculty that I have been working on for months now. This project is almost finished up, which makes me super excited!  

5:00pm I'm finished with work for the day so I drive home to try to catch up with George for a couple of minutes before he has to leave for work.

5:43pm I'm home and have about ten minutes to talk to George before he has to leave for his work shift. We quickly chat about the day, and he informs me that Felicity was stung by a wasp today. This is actually the first time she has ever been stung, thank goodness she doesn't seem to be allergic.  

5:55pm George heads out for work...he actually drives further than I do so it takes him a good hour to get to and from work each day. Thankfully, he works for four days straight and then has four days off, so that helps to make the commute a little easier for him. After he is gone, I make dinner for me and Lis. She has chicken nuggets, grapes, and some pretzels. She has never really been a good eater, but dinner time is probably our worst meal for her. She does pretty well tonight though and eats most of what is on her plate. Since I had a big lunch today, I make myself a spinach salad with mushrooms and grilled chicken that we have in the fridge.

6:17pm We head out to meet B and her kids at our local park for a playdate...we let the kids run around and play for a couple of hours before we head to a local ice cream shop.

8:50pm We are home from the park and Lis is pretty filthy...a sign of a fun park play date for sure! I give her a shower, brush her teeth, read stories, say prayers, call Daddy to say goodnight and get her to bed.

9:20pm I change into my pajamas and head downstairs to get some work done while I catch up on some shows that are sitting on my DVR. I watch a couple of episodes of the Bold & The Beautiful (yes, I know, I may be the only person on earth who still watches that show) and work on addressing announcement cards. I've recently signed with Prudential Preferred Realty as a sales associate and am working on sending my business cards and information to family and friends.

11:00pm I'm pretty exhausted from the day, so I head up to bed for the night. It usually takes me a couple of minutes to settle in for the night, so I check my favorite blogs and Pinterest on my phone until my eyes start to get heavy. Fingers crossed for no overnight wake ups tonight...I'm pretty sure we both could use a good nights rest!  

What is the most surprising thing about being a mom? To be 100% honest, before I had Felicity, I never had a huge desire to have kids. Now, I couldn't imagine my life without her in it. She is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me...I miss her every second I'm not with her. I know it sounds strange to say this, but even at the ripe age of four years old, I consider her to be one of my best friends...she makes me laugh constantly and I love to watch her unique personality continue to develop.  

What advice would you give to new or soon to be mamas? Trust your instincts and be true to yourself! Many times, this is easier said than done...but as a mother, you will know your child and your family better than anybody else. Do what works best for your family, even if it is not the norm. And, I would also add, as a Mom, you need to make time for yourself. Planning a night out with friends every now and then or going out with your husband or significant other does not mean that you love your kids any less. It is important to be well rounded! You can be a mom and your own person at the same time! :)  

What are your top three baby products? Well, I have been out of the baby scene for quite some time now, but I will suggest some products that worked great for us four years ago.  
Halo Sleep Sack After bringing Lis home from the hospital, we quickly realized that she didn't like to be swaddled. She was constantly struggling to get her arms out of the swaddle...so we turned to the next best thing. The Halo Sleep Sack allowed her to have the feeling of being swaddled while having her arms free...she loved it!  
Medela Pump In Style I exclusively nursed for 18 months, so the Medela Pump In Style was put to good use, especially after I returned to work once Lis was 8 weeks old. I never had an issue with this pump, and would definitely suggest it to any new or soon to be moms.  
Suave Kids Soft and Smooth Detangler This is my current favorite kids product...we just recently cut off about 5 inches of Felicity's hair. Her hair grows very quickly and is constantly getting tangled, no matter how often we brush it throughout the day. This detangler spray helps to easily work out the tangles without the pain that they can typically bring.

 I hope you enjoyed a peek into my life! Thanks so much for having me over Ashley, its been a lot of fun!! Make sure you stop over and see us at Real Livin' with HSB...myself, Stonf and B would love to see you there!


Thank you for sharing your day with us Sara!

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Felicity is the cutest! You do an awesome job parenting, working, crafting and blogging! Is that Ranch all over that salad?