June 6, 2013

elsie's baptism

This past weekend we went back home to have Elsie baptized.  She was baptized in the same church Christopher and I were married in, the same church that Ryann was baptized in, wearing the same dress that probably 40 some girls on my mom's side of the family have worn for their baptism.  The dress was originally my mother's, her sister's bought it for her.


We were worried that Elsie wouldn't get to wear the dress.  Between my parents, Christopher and our pastor, schedules seemed impossible to match up.  But our pastor did us a favor, broke his rules, and baptized her on a communion Sunday for us.  I am incredibly thankful.  I would have been devastated had she gotten too big to wear the dress before she was baptized.

Elsie did great.  It was actually quite funny, when he started to pour the water over her head she arched her little back and was straining her neck to try and see what the heck was going on.  And she didn't make a peep until the end of the service when she was well overdue for a nap.

Ryann had zero interest in being in any of our pictures...  

After church my parents, our family and Christopher's mom headed to the country club for lunch.  Well brunch.  Random tidbit for you?  I kind of hate brunch.  I can never decide whether I want breakfast or lunch food, and it seems weird to mix them.  But I did.  And tried like five desserts.  Hows that for sugar free?  Ha.  They were small small SMALL slivers of each.  And so worth it.  Ryann was pretty happy with her ice cream and cherries.


Later that evening we took the boat for a spin around the lake, Elsie's first boat ride!  Thank goodness for all the rain we've gotten lately.  Last summer there was so little, that the water level in the lake dropped too low for my parents to get the boats off the lifts.  And it seemed like it would take a miracle for the water to come up any time soon.  But it did.  Hooray for boat rides.


And only because it was from the same weekend...  Elsie's hand and arm coordination is getting a lot better, which means?  Everything to the mouth.  Always.


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Crazycurls said...

The one of Elsie and you at the bottom is adorable! Framer for sue!