June 1, 2013

summer bucket list

Last year I made a little summer bucket list, and even though we didn't finish everything on it, it was nice to have a round up of fun things we wanted to do.  Being the first day of June, which in my head marks the start of summer, I thought I'd share our new list.  This year I was able to ask Ryann's input on making our list, and I was surprised with the few things she added.  She told me she wanted to decorate a bird house, and it was her idea to add snocones to the list.  She also told me she wanted to sleep outside in her tent, but I told her she'd have to convince Daddy on that one.

I also came across this list of fun activities on pinterest, so hopefully that will give me some inspiration of things I can do with Ry to keep her busy this summer.  We also hope to spend some time at my parents house in the pool, and I want to enroll Ry in a dance camp at the studio I used to attend.  The goal is to just have some fun.



Nikki said...

I have never made a Summer list. I really should do this.

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

how fun! our summers, it's like 100+ outside all summer until October :( a lot of our bucket list stuff requires to be inside for the pretty gnarly days so i need to get creative. love ryann's idea of making a birdhouse, very cute :)

Kim3278 said...

I want to do one of these! Time to get the idea's on paper.

Anonymous said...

What is your Instagram handle (random question?)