June 7, 2013

georgia snippets (the phone version)

I'm determined to get some of the pictures off my phone and onto the blog dangit.

Oh Georgia.  I know we are there pretty often, but it is absolutely glorious when my dad and my husband can be there too.  And my sister.  And my brother too I suppose.  We all had a good time.  I wish Chris could swing a vacation down there more than once a year.  And that plane tickets were free?  Hmmm...  Georgia is extra amazing now that my parent's pool is done.  They have a 'deck' or ledge in the pool that is only 18 inches deep, and I think Ryann would live in that little area if she could.  She was happy as could be to just bee bop and splash around and play with her toys.  It was great.  I highly recommend something like it should any of you be thinking of putting a pool in your yard.

Proceed with caution.  Far too many photos that many of you have already seen ahead (@thedomesticwannabe on instagram).  But I can't get over how cute my girls are in their swimsuits or how amazing Ryann's curls are in the humidity so I thought I'd plaster it on the internet for all to see.  And memory keeping purposes of course.


Thursday, May 16:  The girls, my mom and I spent the day traveling to Georgia.  So did my dad, but from another state.  We were on the same plane for five hours, but we survived.  Ryann was thrilled to see the beach.  Elsie was a bit less amused by the whole situation.  As she tends to be with most situations.


Friday, May 17th:  Started my day off right with a morning run featuring a beautiful view.  I've yet to attempt an actual run on the beach, but maybe someday.  It was a pretty low key day of running errands.  The girls looked adorable in their coordinating neon (hair clip and headband from here).  And surprise surprise, Ry spent the evening in the pool.


Saturday, May 18th:  I think the majority of the day revolved around the pool and eating.  As it did most days.  Elsie rocked her sunning activities (in the shade) and Ry and I had fun swimming together.  Daddy made it in around bedtime!


Sunday, May 19th:  Seriously.  The curls.  The slay me.  As does an infant in a swimsuit.  Even though Elsie had been on the beach before, this was the first time we took her in a suit and tried to really hang out at the beach.  She does not yet share her sister's enthusiasm for the beach, and shortly conned Grammy into taking her back to the house.


Monday, May 20th:  While Elsie was taking her morning nap, Christopher and I took Ryann for a walk on the beach.  We had a lot of fun exploring and finding millions of tiny sea snails and other wildlife.  Chris and I slipped away for lunch by ourselves, and I had my first ever fried pickle (so good).  Elsie did her thing looking cute.  Ryann did her thing looking cute (and awkward) on the beach.  We all got dolled up for family pictures (which don't look so hot thanks to long hair and the wind).  And after getting Ry and Elsie in bed at 9:50PM, Chris and I raced to Moo Cow Creamery for ice cream before they closed at 10.  Pistachio ice cream, so good.


Tuesday, May 21st:  Another morning nap = another adventure for Ry.  She'd been asking to go to the top of the lighthouse for quite some time, and we finally thought she might be able to make it to the top without being carried.  She made it up all 129 steps, unfortunately she said she was scared while we were up there though.  And Chris ended up carrying her the whole way back down.  More beach time.  More pool time.  Cute dinner dress.  And more ice cream.


Wednesday, May 22nd:  Another beach exploration adventure led to the discovery of some little horseshoe crabs.  Ry was pissed that Chris put them in her sea shell bucket :o).  No worries, we let them go.  For lunch we headed to Bubba Garcia's for some Mexcian.  Ryann discovered the joy of the salt grinder, and now wants to put salt on everything.  I enjoyed a mango margarita.  And Elsie just looked cute as always.


Thursday, May 23rd:  My last run of the week didn't go very well, but I made it five miles and my view wasn't terrible, so I guess I won't complain.  All the girls went to have our nails done.  Ryann didn't get a real manicure, but he did buff and paint her nails which she absolutely loved.  She was just pissed that she didn't get her toes done too.  Then there was some more beach exploring.  And more adorable swimsuit wearing.  And probably more eating somewhere in there too.  Notice a theme?  Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

I'm already looking forward to next summer's vacation.  It will be so fun when Elsie is a little bit older and can really enjoy the beach and the pool with us too!

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