June 17, 2013

keeping it real

You guys?  I'm struggling in the health and fitness department (hence my absence last week).  Pretty much since I went to Georgia my eating habits have SUCKED.  I do my best to get some workouts in, but last week I only convinced myself to run once.

Part of me is ok with everything, simply because I know having a baby and busy husband puts a lot on my plate, and if I don't want to stress about working out right now, I shouldn't.  But the other part of me knows how much more confident and in charge I feel when I feel strong.  And I want to truly believe my husband when he tells me I'm beautiful.  And I want to run two half marathons this fall AND feel good about them.  I know I won't run my best if I'm feeling heavy and lethargic.  So it's time to get serious.

Instead of losing the last five pounds of baby weight, I've gained an additional five.  I know some of that is water weight because I ate a lot of 'party' food the last few days.  But still, my body is just not going in the direction I want it to.  And the only one I truly have to blame for that is myself.  Yeah, it would be easier if everyone would pick up the eating habits I want to institute, and yes I would be easier if someone would come workout with me, or make sure I had a babysitter for the girls, but no more excuses.

After my friend Jenny bravely posted her stats online, I realized what I needed to do to get my butt in gear.  I had to put myself out there.  Now I'm still not quite as brave as Jenny, I won't post my weight for all to see (why that number scares me so much, no matter what it is, I have no idea).  But I've got some before pictures for you.  I'm hoping that every four weeks I can update my pictures with noticeable progress.  Seeing the pictures helped last time around, so I'm crossing my fingers it will work for me again (and holy heck I almost forgot how in shape I had gotten!).

For the record, I planned to take some 'nice' before photos with the big camera and a tripod and all, but reality is it was now or never so I squeezed in some mirror selfies right before I hopped in the shower.  I think it will just add to the 'beforeness' of the pictures.  HA.


And some measurements, that may or may not be accurate, have you tried to measure you own arm?  And I'm wearing jeans at the moment...

natural waist:  29.25 in
belly button:  33.5 in
hips:  41 in
leg:  25.5 in
arm:  11 in

So there's that.  I can't believe I'm posting that picture.  But it will only make it so much more rewarding when I get to post an after.  Now I just have to get there.

My goals this week:

lose 2 pounds
two strength workouts
three runs

I'm not going to focus on the food as a specific goal this week, simply because there is a whole lot of crap in my house, and I know I'm going to eat some sugar and processed junk.  My parents had a party Saturday night, and I took home some leftovers.  They are SO good.  So I'm going to enjoy them a bit, but hopefully not in excess amounts.

Also, I know it is recommended that women who are nursing lose no more than a pound a week (I think I've heard or read that...), but this first week I'm assuming I've got some water weight to lose that won't truly affect my milk supply.  As long as I stay hydrated and fuel my body with healthy things I should be good.

I've already got one workout in this week, I managed to make it to barbell this morning at the gym.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sore, even though I probably could have lifted a little more weight.  I was scared of going too heavy the first time back at the class in a LONG time.


Did you move it today?


Amber said...

So proud of you for all the hard work you've done and the commitment you make again and again to yourself. Some people might think it is most important to stick to a routine and that might be true. But I also think it is important as women (especially busy women with many responsibilities in many roles) it is vital that we allow ourselves the space to grow and change and the things we truly care about we will take the time to mold to our changing lives. That takes time and it means something that you continually recommit yourself to being healthy. I know you can do it!

Amy said...

Coming off a "bad week" last week I know how you feel. We had a birthday party with pizza and ALL THE WINE, enchiladas the next day, there were nachos, there was ice cream, Father's Day, visit home...every day was a cheat day and I didn't get to work out much. I'm trying to recommit to eating better and moving more this week - just taking it a week at a time! It sounds like you are taking a really reasonable and realistic approach which is awesome!

Anonymous said...

You look incredible! Are you kidding me?!?!?! You feel fat and lethargic?!?!?! Don't be so hard on yourself! If you feel that way after two kids and a couple months out, I shouldn't go out unless it is dark and I am wearing a poncho.

klh said...

hi! I'm coming out of lurking status to say that from my experience and what I have heard/read, a lot of women hang on to those last 5 pounds of baby weight until they stop nursing. my son is 15 months and still nursing 2 or 3 times a day, and my clothes fit the same as pre-pregnancy and I don't really see the 5 pounds on my body, but I can't seem to shake them! it's hard not to focus on the numbers, but don't stress too much about those last 5 while you are doing so great with the breastfeeding : )

morrowalexandrea said...

I think you look great, but it doesnt matter unless you feel great about yourself. You have great goals, good luck and I hope you achieve them! You have a good attitude about ti.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers!!! I haven't even had kids yet and I don't have a waist as tiny as that!!! You look really good for someone who has had 2 kids, but still so inspiring that you want to motivate yourself to do more. Now I really feel bad for missing my Pilates tonight!!! :% better get on that treadmill!

Julie said...

I'm so happy that you just posted this because it's motivated me to track my stats & take a before picture as well. I'm in the same boat that you are, only I'm just 6-weeks post baby. I just got released to do exercise yesterday, but I'd snuck in 2 slow/short runs last week that were SOOO hard that it was super discouraging. And, I'm carrying 20 extra pounds, having only lost 1 pound in the last month, so I have much farther to go. My last run before my doctor sidelined me when I got pregnant (...higher risk pregnancy) was 11-miles, so it's hard to realize that I can only do a mile right now. I've never commented before, and no blog, but I'm reading from St. Louis, MO :)

Good luck!

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

i'm excited for this! i've been struggling to lose the baby weight after #2 for a few months now and i'm sitting here feeling horrible about myself after i ate a cheese crisp after i did stroller strides this morning. really?! it's such a struggle to work this in with two babes, a husband, a house, a LIFE but it's important and i need to make it a priority. i won't be a good mom, wife, friend if i don't make myself a priority. you inspired me so much with your weight loss last time that you had me running before i got pregnant with number two {unfortunately i wasn't able to continue running while pregnant}. i'm doing stroller strides twice a week and i'm going to be starting c25k again. stoked!

do you still calorie count or are you just watching what you are eating? i've been calorie counting, but it gets a little hairy to write everything down sometimes.

can't wait to follow your journey again and i look forward to linking to your move it mondays again :)

Amy Higgins said...

I am a mom of two, that are 13 months apart. My youngest is now 4 1/2 and after I ballooned up to 200lbs, a size 14, in the 2 years after having him, I am now down to 143lbs and a size 6. It's taken me a long time. I, too, have a husband that is gone a lot (he travels for work on a weekly basis), and I work 45 hours a week.

It'll all come together, you're still adjusting to being a mom of two and reality is when elsie gets older it will all become easier!

But really, thank you! Your blog is what really pushed me into running, it was just something I did occasionally on the treadmill, and then I started reading your blog and I'm now planning on doing my first half!

(I'm a Kansas girl too, so if you want a half partner let me know!)

AMS said...

I am proud of you! It is hard to take those before pictures, and you rocked it. Last year you motivated me to lose the extra weight I had been dealing with, but I was shocked that once I hit my goal weight I still felt fat. It wasn't until I gained 10 pounds back and looked at old photos and measurements that I realized how in shape I was. My plan this year is to lose weight and be proud of my body this time. If you need a half marathon buddy I would be glad to join you. I have never ran, but adding it to my "must haves" for exercising. If my blog was current I would link you, but that is another thing I need to work on being consistent with.