July 17, 2013

a day in the life - kristin

First, I apologize for the lack of Move it Monday this week.  I started writing a post, and then No Nap Nancy decided to stop sleeping, like ever, and my threenager isn't taking naps anymore either, and we've been all over the place busy.  So yeah.  Maybe next week?

For now enjoy a day in the life of Kristin :o).


Hello all! I am Kristin and I blog over at The Lowly Nest. I am a stay-at-home-mom to our 14 month old son, Logan. I like to pretend I am a crunchy hippie, i.e cloth diapering, baby wearing, natural childbirth, extended breastfeeding, and using as many natural products as possible. I even bought a locally made shampoo bar recently! But we still love things like hot dogs, too much candy, and pedicures. My husband, Matt, works in retail management so we have no such thing as a schedule. Some days he is out the door at 7:15, others he isn't home until after 10:30, and he never has the same days off. For now we are bobbing along, going with the flow, but dreaming of a more consistent schedule one day.

Note to self: Take some family pictures without sunglasses on!

This is a typical day for us when Daddy opens the store:

7:15 Matt comes into the bedroom to tell me goodbye and leaves for work. I usually don't even realize he has gotten out of bed, much less gotten dressed. I try to get a few more precious moments of sleep before starting the day.

7:30 ::snooze::

7:35 ::snooze::

7:40 Ok, ok, I'm up! After I turn off my alarm I stay in bed a bit longer to check Instagram and wake up a bit. (I am in love with Instagram! Follow me! kristin _ _ low, no spaces) After catching up on social media I make the bed and start the coffee. Then talk to my sister on the phone for just a few minutes while I straighten up the bathroom.

8:00 Time to wake up the little man. We settle into my big red chair to nurse, cuddle, read books, and be silly. I don't wake Logan up every day, some days he wakes me up and some days we both sleep a little later, especially if Daddy is off or doesn't go into work until the afternoon.

8:25 I head into the kitchen to make breakfast and Logan posts up at the baby gate where he continually says and signs "eat." Just so I won't forget. ;)
We have eggs, sausage, toast, and blueberries this morning. Our usual is eggs, toast, and fruit, but when I talked to my sister earlier she mentioned bacon and reminded me of the maple sausage we had in the fridge! Yum!

9:00 I remember that I had diapers soaking in the washer over night and start the first of the rinse cycles to get all of the suds out, then set Logan free from his high chair. We joke around here about me always forgetting to restart the diaper laundry, as it has to be restarted a few times.

9:35 Logan and I are both dressed now and we take the dog out for a walk. Then come back inside and play a little.

10:00 Logan goes down for his morning nap and I watch a few YouTube videos on my phone, then somehow find myself on Pinterest. Oops!

10:30 After peeling myself away from my phone, I do a little stretching and a few different planks and try to convince myself that that counts as exercise for the day. I spend the rest of nap time cleaning up around the apartment, finishing the diaper laundry (prefolds into the dryer, pockets and covers on the line), and starting more laundry.

11:30 I hear Logan waking up and give him some time. If I rush in at the first sound I hear he tends to be a grumpus.

11:45 Logan sounds happy and wide awake, I rescue him from the crib and get a fresh diaper on his booty.

12:15 Time to eat again! It comes around so often, doesn't it?? We have tuna sandwiches, cheese, strawberry, and banana. Halfway through lunch I remember that I meant to steam some broccoli. Oh well. No veggies this meal. After we eat we play and read books for a while. Logan loves to read and brings me books all day long saying, "read it." I love that we can communicate more now! Whenever I know what he is saying his little face just lights up. Which makes me think that the rest of his babbling means something too. Who knows what all he is telling us! But for the time being, I am thrilled with the 40+ words we can recognize.

1:45 I beat off the afternoon sleepies and we get in the car to go exchange our books at the library. I check out five board books each time. That makes keeping up with them so much easier, and I don't have to try to remember how many I need to find to take back.

2:45 Back home. We drink some water and cool down from our hot outing. (I won't get into it much, but this was the day the air went out in the car! My husband got it fixed the next day. I can't imagine not having air in the car. One trip to and from the library just about did us in!)

After sweating it out in the car I forgot to take any pictures in the library, but I did snap this one after we got home of his red cheeks and sweaty head.
3:10 I put Logan down for his afternoon nap. I had full intentions of starting prepping our supper, but instead I laid across our bed and fell asleep for a while too.

3:43 Matt calls to let me know he is off work and headed to the gym.

4:45 Logan is up and ready to play!

5:15 I finally start working on supper.

5:30  Daddy is home! Logan attacks. :)

6:00 I put supper into the oven. We are having this tonight. It was my first time using this recipe, but my sister made it only a few days before and they loved it. (We did too.) I sit down in the living room with an iced coffee and watch Logan and Daddy play, stuff diapers, and talk to Matt about his day.

6:40 Time to eat! This is a late supper for us, mostly because someone took a nap instead of cooking. However, it was worth the wait and we all loved it.

7:05 Matt gives Logan a bath and I hang around like a little groupie. After bath we get little man into his jammies and all hang out in the living room. He was being so hilarious climbing on a little box and swinging a pool noodle around. Seriously, this little dude makes me laugh all day every day.

8:10 Logan and I rock and nurse in his room. Then I put him in bed and tell him "night-night."

After that Matt and I watch Jaws in our room. Such a random movie choice tonight. We almost never watch the tv in the living room anymore because it is right next to Logan's room and we have to keep it so low we are always missing dialogue. So we usually put on a movie in the bedroom and I will get on my computer or work on a crochet project. Tonight I read Jaws trivia from the IMDB app on my phone as we watch. I am sure Matt appreciated my commentary.

When the movie is over I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc, then go to sleep. After checking Instagram one last time. ;)

What is the most surprising thing about being a mom? I think for me it is how I just fell right into the "mom" role. When I was pregnant I wasn't scared about the labor and delivery part, I was scared about what happened after we got home! Once he was here my "mom" gene kicked in and it just came naturally.

What advice would you give new or soon-to-be mamas? Everyone has a different style. Find yours and go with it, and don't compare yourself or let others compare you. Also, the newborn days kinda suck, but stick it out (and enjoy them), they don't last forever.

What are your top three baby products? I say that if you are breastfeeding, you will always have your boobs, other than that all you really need are blankets, clothes, and diapers. All the other stuff can be awesome, but it is just extra.


Thank you for sharing your day with us Kristin!

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J Young said...

Um, VERY impressed that your 14 month old speaks so many words; even if only you and your husband can understand what he's saying, that's amazing! My 14 month old daughter basically says mom and dad... sometimes. :)