July 31, 2013

a day in the life - jess

We had an incredibly lazy day yesterday, unlike the one you get to read about here.  Jess wrote a post not too long ago, but she was up for another so I said why not!  I hope you enjoy a peek at her day.


Thank you Ashley for hosting me today!  Also, thank you for getting me out of my blogging slump :-)  If you head over to my blog Life With Crazycurls, you'll see that it's been a while since my last post.  Why is it that summer has that affect on me?  Probably because our days are filled to the brim like this past Monday:

I hear Tommy crying but it is way too early for both of us.  Turns out he had a poopy diaper (lots of those lately, maybe teething?) so I change him and put him back down. Thankfully he goes back to sleep until 7:45.  He usually doesn't sleep this late so I'm pretty happy.

We go down for breakfast and immediately Molly and Tommy start playing with the doggy jack-in-the-box they just can't get enough of.

I'm tired of worrying that Tommy is accidentally going to delete an app or send an email so I finally set up a passcode on my phone.  But after he tests it out I end up taking it off because I became worried he was going to make an 'emergency call'.

If he's anything like his big sister, soon I'm not going to have any of my electronics!

Swim lessons!  Molly is doing wonderfully, she'll be ready to move up a level next time she takes lessons.  Tommy and I are doing the child/parent class.  He doesn't want anything to do with what we're supposed to be doing and would rather jump from the side and play with the toys.

We're back home and I have to get the chicken started.  Tried this new marinade and turned out really well!

Molly's into drawing out stories lately.  The dry-erase board comes in handy, I'm sure we've saved a couple of trees using this.

After a lunch of noodles I put Tommy down for a nap and have Molly doing some arts and crafts.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon I wash and fold four loads of laundry, call my clinic asking them to re-fax a prescription to the online pharmacy my insurance is making me use, call the local school admin office to schedule a new student appt for Molly before she starts Pre-K in September, sweep and wipe down the floors, unload the dishwasher, etc etc etc.  I also have to make sure I'm not ignoring Molly.  I have to remind myself to stop and make sure she is getting attention too.

Tommy wakes up and I start the potatoes for dinner.  Keith is having friends come over to help him work on the basement so I plan on grilling outside to make sure we stay out of their way. 

Marinated chicken with roasted potatoes.  I forgot the zucchini so I had to grill that after, whoops.  Turned out pretty well, I'm not the grill master in the house so I was a little worried what the results might be!

After dinner we go to the front yard where Molly's friends from down the block are out and about so they play until about 6:45.  Nice to be outside on beautiful sunny day.

Dishes are done so Tommy and I play while Molly plays with Playdoh.

The kids watch a show before bed, Molly chooses Imagination Movers.  LOVE these guys!!!  They have a show on Disney Junior, highly recommend it for your kids.

Molly was upset that I took away her story because she hit Tommy.  She gets a book, story and song on the nights I put her to bed and I know the story is her favorite.  She usually wants me to tell her the story of "Rumpelstiltskin".  I give her extra snuggles and remind her that I still love her even though I had to punish her.

After they are both in bed I am on the couch with a glass of wine watching season 6 of "The Sopranos".

Keith's friends go home and he realizes he needs to get something at the hardware store for tomorrow night.

Keith's in bed and me, the nocturnal one, is up until 11:30.  Someday I'll go to bed after the 10:00 news, but not today.

Ashley's questions:

I was fortunate enough to do a Day In The Life post back in April and while I still like my answers from then, here are some close seconds. 

Q:  What is the most surprising thing to you about being a mom?
A:  How much I enjoy doing for them over doing for me.  When we didn't have kids, I had no problem going out with friends until all hours, having a gym membership that I used twice a month, buying new shoes at the Nine West outlet.  Now?  I'm making sure Tommy has diapers and Molly goes to camps and that we walk to the playground.  Not that I don't need some ME time but I actually find joy in making sure my kids' needs are met before my own.

Q:  What advise would you give to new or soon-to-be mommas?
A:  On the other side of doing for them, you must also continue to be active.  And I don't mean exercising (although that is a great stress reliever).  But I mean, don't let your baby define who you are.  Your baby is a part of you of course, but you still have your own interests and you deserve to have them.  I'm not saying it won't be tough to follow through but at least never give up trying.  I was taking a ballet class last Winter and hope to start up again this Fall.

Q:  What are your top three baby products?
A:  Right now?  For Tommy: Take n' Toss sippy cups, spray-on sunblock, Little Tikes basketball hoop.  For Molly: Dry erase board and markers, Princess dresses, construction paper and crayons.

Ashley, thank you so much for having me again.  I hope to get out of my blogging slump so stop on over to check out what's new!


Thanks for sharing with us Jess!

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