July 26, 2013

walk like a ninja

Really there are several reasons why I would love to move out of our house, but an incredibly huge reason?  The stupid freaking squeaky floors.  I honestly have no clue how we didn't notice it before we had kids, or if it has really just gotten that much worse since we've owned the house, but the floors are LOUD.  Absurdly loud.

Both of my girls have been light sleepers.  Ryann isn't so much anymore, but as a baby, if you so much as breathed outside her door she woke up.  I'm always amazed at the parents who check on their children after putting them to bed.  Hell no.  There is no way I'm chancing waking them up by opening their door.  That is just night time suicide.  And also the reason why my video monitor is one of my most prized baby gear items. 

Side note:  Raise your hand if your child is a light sleeper, and the slightest noise will rouse them, but a gigantic thunderstorm rolls through shaking the house and they don't even flinch.  Yeah, my hand is up.  WTH?

In regards to the title of the post, now that Elsie is sleeping in her crib and we're going through the whole sleep training process, it is even more terrifying to walk down the hallway to the bathroom or our bedroom.  To keep from waking her, you must be sure to take the quietest path, which means tip toeing and hopping from non squeaky spot to non squeaky spot.  No lie we've considering putting tape X's on the floor or something so there is less of a chance of hitting a loud spot.

We have a laundry chute in the closet that is between the girls bedrooms.  Instead of using hampers we just throw all our dirty clothes in the hallway in front of the closet at the end of the day (classy, I know).  Well the other day when both girls were napping I decided I really wanted to work on the laundry, but I hadn't thrown the clothes down the chute yet.  A predicament for sure.  There was no way I was going to open the door to the closet, because all the stupid doors in our house are loud too, so I debated whether doing laundry was really worth it.  But it needed to be done.  So I ninjaed myself down the hall so I was straddling the loud parts, and did my best to scoop up the clothes.  Then I used all the strength in my left leg to propel myself onto my right (all while holding two days worth of dirty clothes).  After a little spinning balancing act I hopped back into the kitchen to safety.

It is ridiculous the things we have to do to keep the kids asleep.



Erin said...

Do you use white noise!? We also have the squeakiest, loudest house imaginable (not to mention that we have to WALK THROUGH Luke's room to get to ours... oh the joys) and without white noise I honestly do not know what we'd do.

Thankfully, Luke is a TON better now at sleeping through stuff, but even now we have him nap up in our room on weekends so we can actually do things during naptime.

Oh, and yes on the thunderstorms. 1 child has woken up once from a thunderstorm (Annie) and that was just recently! So crazy. Fireworks too, all the time around my house it seems!

Sarah and Derek said...

The taped x's on the floor, hilarious!! I have a hard sleeper but she also has a very loud sound machine on. I think Ry has a fan but I would recommend a noise machine. And have it LOUD. They say it should be louder then the babies cry. Just an idea! I kind of want to see these ninja moves though

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

my boys are very light sleepers if their sound machines aren't on. right now it's monsoon season here and our power grid we are on always has our power go out, even with the slightest wind it seems. when the power goes out and the sound machines are off we are guaranteed they will wake up. sucks. otherwise, those sound machines are a crankin'!! btw...i'm totally picturing your ninja moves as i'm reading this. hilarious!

Paige said...

This is hilarious!!! I would totally do the same thing if we had squeaky floors. I don't make a sound during naptime. I won't even close a bag of chips just in case the crinkling wakes him up. ha!

Nikki said...

I second the white noise machine. My daughter has had it since birth and she sleeps through everything....once she goes to sleep.

Jenny said...

We use white noise and my kid is still a crazy-light sleeper (oh, but yes, we had a thunderstorm & I forgot her window was open, but THAT was fine...). We have squeaky doors and incredibly creaky stairs. And the laundry room is right next to her room, so I can forget about doing any of that while she's asleep!

Emily said...

Yup, crazy light sleepers in our house, too! But I am in total agreement about the white noise machine... best gift we ever received. It's on pretty loud in my son's room so it hides house noises like our creaky floors. We just started using one for the baby, too. It's not perfect, but I can at least walk by his bedroom door without him waking.