July 16, 2013

that's what she said

Ryann:  "Remember when I was in trash bag land and I saw a trash truck that talked?  And he fell over and spinned on his wheels?"
Me:  WTF?

Ryann:  while we are getting in the car to leave "Good morning Lisa!"
Me:  "Who's Lisa?"
Ryann:  "Your car."

Me:  "Ryann, you need to make better choices during gymnastics class.  You need to listen to your teachers and be nice to the other kids.  You need to show me you can make better choices next week or we aren't going to go to gymnastics anymore."
Ryann:  "Maybe you could just stay home next week and I'll go by myself."

Michelle:  "This morning Effy and I went to the z-o-o with some friends."
Ryann:  "You went to the ZOO?!?!?"

after an epic quiet time battle
Ryann:  "Are you happy now?"
Me:  "Sorry honey, I'm still a little grumpy.  The choices you made during quiet time made me sad."
Ryann:  "How about a hug?  Would a hug make you happy?" bats her stupidly adorable little eyes
Me:  "It could help."
Ryann:  "I could juggle!  That might make you happy." with the hugest sweetest grin on her face



Stephanie and Ryan said...

These are my favorite posts. She's hilarious!

Nikki said...

Wear are slowly creeping up on not needing a nap and it's a little crazy. I'm hoping to make it through the summer. The worst is she spends the first hour of her two hour lock of quiet/nap time singing and reading, then falls asleep and I have to wake her up so she can keep a decent bedtime. Oh these kids!

christa said...

She's hilarious!

Baby Mama said...

So funny! I love these posts!