July 1, 2013

i'm nervous.

You guys?  Six.  I got in SIX workouts this week!  It was tough, because several of them had to be done during nap time, and I HATE doing anything physically taxing during nap time, but Elsie opted to stop sleeping through the night so mornings were coming way too fast and it just had to be done.  I got my three runs in (3.15 miles, 3.25 miles, 4.25 miles) as well as one day of Jillian Michael's Six Week Six Pack, an hour long Strictly Strength class at the gym, and one session of the 30 Day Shred.  Even though I didn't specifically set out to do 30 minutes of core work, I'm going to say between the ab video and the two strength classes, I definitely can put a check next to that goal as well.

I surprised myself and lost almost two more pounds this week, making my total lost in two weeks just over six pounds.  I'm both thrilled and concerned with that.  I am not counting calories, just aiming to eat better again.  And I really don't think I hold back all that much, you should have seen the meal I consumed on our anniversary (801 Chophouse, zohmygawd my filet was SO GOOD).  Not to mention my emotionally charged bowl of strawberries and bananas last night (single parenting for the win!  not.)... topped with cashews, marshmallows and dark chocolate chunks (I suppose if I'm going to eat my feelings that wasn't the worst I could have done).  So I'm just worried about my milk supply.  Elsie has been extra fussy the last few days, and honestly I don't really have reason to believe she's not getting enough.  She is making plenty of diapers and isn't inconsolable, but she isn't sleeping real well and sometimes she is frustrated during nursing sessions.  So I'm going to try and make sure to be very careful about how much I'm losing from here on out.

But what I'm super nervous about this week, is running.  On the fourth there is a run around the lake my parents live on.  It is roughly a 10k I believe.  So far the furthest I've run post baby is 5.6 miles.  In theory, I should be fine.  My last two runs have been outside and they haven't been too shabby at all.  But the treadmill runs I did last week?  It was a struggle to run two miles straight before giving up and switching to run/walk intervals.  Yes, the treadmill is always a mental thing for me, and I was running around 2pm, when really morning is the best for me.  So I shouldn't really use those as an indicator for how this run will go.  But it is much more hilly and has the potential to be a little warm so I'm freaking out a bit!  I'm sure I can finish it.  But I'd really prefer not to come in last.  The last time I did it there was like 30 - 40 people?  There is definitely the potential for it to happen.  I guess I'd live.  Oy.  Deep breaths, it is just a run, it will be fine...

Goals for this week:

four workouts
three runs
maintain weight (+/- one pound)

A note on the weight goal.  I wouldn't want to lose more than a pound this week, but honestly, knowing my mom and the food we generally have for the fourth, I'll be lucky if I can only gain a pound.  Knowing that dairy really does affect Elsie helps keep me in check a bit, but my willpower?  Not so good when it comes to things like Better Than Crack Brownies.

Anyone participating in a race or run on the fourth?  What are your favorite July Fourth foods?


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Cassie said...

I'm doing a 5k on the 4th! It's only my 2nd race and I'm excited about it! Good luck with your race!

Sarah and Derek said...

Um hello better then crack brownies. I take back saying I wasn't a big fan of brownies. way to go on the workouts! 6 more then I did :)

Kelly Janowski said...

Holidays are so hard! Too much good stuff to eat.

Kim3278 said...

Can't wait to hear about how it went. I didn't race on the 4th but I did nearly 5 miles that morning. So glad you got 6 workouts in this week. That is my goal this week. I had a very emotionally charged week this week.