July 2, 2013

that's what she said

Ryann:  talking to her legos in a weird radio announcer like voice
"CALLING ALL NATIONS.  We are having a circus today.  Do you hear me?  DO! YOU! HEAR! ME!"

Ryann:  "This snake's name is Slithery.  My big snake is named Snakey.  Slithery misses Snakey!  Let's go home and get her!"  Snakey is a giant 3 foot long stuffed purple snake, thank you Christopher for that one
Me:  "Honey Snakey is too big to take everywhere."
Ryann:  "Why?"
Me:  "Because she is.  She would drag on the floor if you carried her around."
Ryann:  "Snookie is still at the zoo."
Me:  "Is Snookie another snake?"  how does she know the name Snookie?
Ryann:  "Yeah.  And her friends... makes up random names.  They all went to heaven today."
Me:  "Oh?"
Ryann:  "Yeah.  They went to heaven, and they aren't coming back for a long time.  Maybe around lunch time."

Christopher:  "I have to go to the hospital to pick up a new badge tomorrow afternoon."
Ryann:  "Oh no!  Will I see you at bedtime?"
Me:  "He better be coming home tomorrow.  We have a date!"
Ryann:  "But I'll be all alone!  Who will be home with me?!?"
Me:  teasing her  "No one.  You're in charge.  You take care of Elsie."
Christopher:  "Yeah.  You can feed her and put her to bed."
Ryann:  "BUT I don't know how to put her to bed!!  And I don't have BOOBS."
Me:  snorts "It's ok.  There's milk in the freezer."
Ryann:  "Oh I can fill my chest with that milk and then I can feed her."
Me and Christopher:  uncontrollable laughing

Ryann:  in the bathroom, making sniffing noises "I smell something."
Me:  "What?"
Ryann:  "Lightning bugs."

Ryann:  "I would like to paint the front of Best Buy, striped.  On the first of July."
Me:  "Um, ok?"  where the hell did she come up with that?
Ryann:  "Yeah.  And polka dots.  I want to paint the WHOLE thing.  Even the top.  I'd use a rope to get up there."



fifth house on the left | family blog said...

she is awesome!!

maria said...

haha! you have a little comedian on your hands!
I can't wait until my little starts talking!

Laura Payette said...

I think I just snorted at my desk reading this. So funny! Sounds like stuff Shelby says, only I'm not very good at capturing it. You're so good at it!

The "L" in ELF said...

Oh my word, I love her! These are great!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite posts. Too funny! Where do kids come up with these things??