July 10, 2013

a day in the life - sarah

You guys.  Why is the zulily site not working for me??  I want to buy some Toms!  :o(  Also, why didn't Elsie want to sleep last night?  That was annoying... Can you tell I'm in a weird sleep deprived mood this morning?  Cause I am.  Whatever.  Enjoy a day in the life of Sarah :o).


Hello! My name is Sarah! Married to my high school sweetheart and momma to our always entertaining 21 month old boy, Beckham. I am a new blogger over at Hannan Happenings. Mostly spending my time oversharing our life with Beckham. I came across The Domestic Wannabe while trying to find blogs written by moms who run. Thanks Ashley for all your wonderful, honest, humorous posts.
Here is a look at a day in our life!
I should start off sharing that I am a teacher so we are off for the summer right now. So this isn’t too much of a normal day, but a normal day for our leisurely summer vacation 
7:00 – I can hear Beckham talking through the monitor. He is usually very happy in the morning saying, “momma, dada” over and over until we go get him. The hubby is already in the shower getting ready for work. I go in, get Beckham, change him and give him his milk and banana. I get him situated on the couch watching Mickey while I take care of the animals.
We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Cats are very demanding and need to be fed almost immediately, while the dogs patiently wait to be let outside.
7:30 – Beckham is still interested in Mickey so I make breakfast for Blake and I.  I am on a big smoothie kick right now. Just seems like a good summer treat. I use frozen berries, greek yogurt, orange juice, and a little bit of spinach (can’t taste it!)

Not long before I have to share.

7:40 – Husband leaves for work and another episode of Mickey comes on, so I let Beckham watch it. I know watching TV is sometimes frowned upon but sometimes an extra 20 min goes a long way. So I load and unload the dishwasher and start a load of laundry and fluff the clothes again in the dryer ( probably for the 4th time).
8:00 – Beckham and I get dressed and are going to go outside and play. Just as we are about to go Beckham trips over his own feet and takes a nasty fall. No bumps or bruises, but scared him enough to want to sit with me for a while and snuggle. (oh darn!)  He was never a baby that would sit with me and let me rock him or snuggle with him until lately. I love it.

8:30- We are all better and out the door for a wagon ride. It is getting hotter outside so we are trying to get most of our outside time done in the morning. We go around the neighborhood and pick up some “flowers.” He loves those dandelions and can spot them a mile away!

We get back from our wagon ride and go in the backyard and play. Play fetch with the dogs, swing, slide, and just run around for a bit.  He loves to play fetch with the dogs. Gus is better about bringing the ball back to him, but Chloe usually catches it and runs around showing off.

9:30- We come back inside (with no tears about going in, hallelujah) and get a morning snack, string cheese and then some goldfish. I just got these goldfish snack bags for him and thought maybe he could handle just eating it out of the bag…..

 So close! He is lucky he is so cute. He was sweet about picking them up.
 10:00 The rest of the morning we play in his room for a bit. He reads and gets his legos out to play. Then we come to his favorite spot, the coffee table. He could spend a lifetime here playing with his cars. I am having a hard time waking up so I make myself some coffee. Beckham is content at the coffee table so I enjoy my coffee and put on Kathy Lee and Hoda. I love them!

11:00 – I start making our lunch. Beckham has somehow snuck the watering can in the house (again) and proceeds to put goldfish in it while I make lunch. Picking my battles.
11:20- Beckham and I eat lunch. Chicken, rice, and grapes for him. Baked potato, laughing cow cheese, onions and bell peppers for me. Beckham only eats a few bites of his lunch. He is going through a phase where sometimes he eats and sometimes he doesn’t. Today at lunch, he doesn’t.  *sigh

After lunch I brush his teeth. Seems like a weird time to do it, but he is in his booster seat and it seems to be the place where he doesn’t fight me on it.
12:00 – I change Beckham and switch out the laundry. Beckham helps me carry some clothes to the couch and tries to help me fold. He gets bored and decides to go play in his house. Can’t say I blame him.
12:15 – It is getting close to Beckham’s nap time so I put on Sesame Street to get him to wind down. I take this opportunity to grab his pajamas out of his drawer and take out the ones that don’t fit. I have been meaning to do this all summer.
12:30 – I take Beckham to his room and get him ready for his nap. He is usually very good about going down for his nap. We read Llama Llama Nighty Night 3 times and then put him down. He seems tired so he goes down without a fuss.

12:45 – I clean up the mess from lunch and go to the computer. I have some online training to do this summer so I force myself to work on it this week.

2:45 – Done with the training for the day. Almost as soon as I logout someone starts crying. Nuts! I go in and grab Beckham. He is a little cranky when he wakes up. I change him and we go grab his milk and some crackers.
3:00 – He sits with me for awhile as he wakes up. Once his bad mood has passed he is ready to play again. We play with his cars, he climbs on Chloe, and play with some of our shapes. My effort to do something educational today.

4:30 – We are meeting Blake at a running store today to get some water to carry with us as we run. I start changing and getting Beckham and I ready to go.
5:00 – Beckham and I get in the car and head to meet Blake. We get to the running store and grab some water bottles. I go with the hand held one and Blake gets the belt.  We follow each other to the running trails close to our house. Blake takes Beckham because he was not having daddy not being with him. J
6:00 – We park at the trails and while Blake changes into his workout clothes, Beckham and I walk around the park and look at some of the flowers.  

We head off for our run. Did 3.5 miles and really liked the new water bottles. Felt dumb to run without water for this long.
7:00 – It is 7 by the time we get loaded back in the car.  Luckily I packed a snack for Beckham while we were running so he isn’t too hungry.
7:30 – We are home and I feed Beckham. I heat up his leftovers from lunch since he had so much left. This time he eats it all. Wahoo! After dinner Blake gives Beckham a bath and I start dinner. Beckham is exhausted so right after we put his pajamas on we decide he needs to go to sleep. We read Llama Llama Nighty Night again, and put him to bed.
8:00 – Beckham is asleep and I finish dinner while Blake feeds the animals. We have tilapia, rice, and broccoli with laughing cow cheese melted on it for dinner. Yum!

8:30 – I shower and watch TV with Blake. He has to work on some stuff for work tonight so I decide to do more online training. Ugh. I am hoping some cocoa almonds and a glass of milk will get me through.
 10:00- We both decide to call it quits for the night and watch some mindless TV on the couch.

10:30- We go to bed and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow!
Thank you for letting me share a day in our life!
 What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
How hard being a mom is! I grew up knowing I always wanted to be a mom and couldn’t wait to be one. When I was pregnant I would dream about what life would be like with a baby and how amazing it would be. It is amazing and wonderful but geez can it be tough sometimes. To my surprise I was missing that natural instinct I just knew I had. I struggled with not sleeping and with breastfeeding and felt like a giant failure most of the time. Being a mom is still hard sometimes but I love it so much. Beckham is my whole world and for those moms who are having a hard time with that newborn baby stage it gets so wonderful! And you will sleep again. J
What advice would you give to new or soon to be moms?
Don’t be hard on yourself. There may be times when you feel like you are doing everything wrong, but you aren’t. You are loving your baby and trying to do the best you can. In then end you love them more than anything and that is all they need. Also, enjoy the little baby stage. I feel like I didn’t because I was so stressed out about getting him on a schedule and not sleeping. I feel now like it is going by so fast and want to enjoy every stage no matter how challenging. Also, every baby is different and goes through different stages. Beckham was a late roller, and crawler and I was so worried because other babies his age were doing it and he wasn’t. Now he is running everywhere! They will all do their things in their own time.
What are your top three baby products?
1.       BOB stroller - AMAZING! We started jogging without one and now that we have one it is awesome. So much easier. Especially when you are pushing a 30 pound toddler.
2.       Wubbanub pacifiers -These are the pacifiers with a little animal attached to it. We had/have one with an elephant attached to it. (His name is Kevin). He was comforting to Beckham and now that we are done with the pacifier he has the animal to hold onto while he sleeps.
3.       Foscam, wireless network camera - This is actually more like a security camera. It looks like a webcam. We use it as our video monitor. We then downloaded an APP on our phone –Baby Monitor (apple products) tinycam Monitor Pro –for androids. This thing is awesome. I can check my phone or tablet to check on him anytime. You can also view it when you are not at your home.


Thanks for sharing your day Sarah! 


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It wasnt working for me this morning either. It took forrrevver to buy one pair of toms for my daughter. Hang in there it will work it just takes a long time :)

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Not working for me this morning either, which is pretty annoying! Hopefully when we finally get into the site, there will be shoes left to buy :)

Jenny said...

Are you trying to access Zulily from a mobile device? Last time they had Toms, I tried to order from my phone & the site wouldn't work. Another mama tipped me off that she could only do it from an actual computer.

Alicia Gusingfao said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I believe being a first time blogger will make you learn a lot of stuff and I am confident that you'll share your ideas and experiences with your fellow community. :)

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