September 28, 2012

nineteen weeks


written September 27th

Seriously, where is the time going?  The first half of this pregnancy is flying.  Stressing me out just a little bit.  We really need to get cracking on the giant list of crap that I want to get done before baby is here.  Also wanted to note that I got comments on the belly from a couple of strangers.  I mean I feel like it is fairly obvious that I'm pregnant, but I also thought it was a bit bold of them :o).

how far along:  19 weeks (compare to 19 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a mango, about 6 inches long and weighing 8.5 ounces.  SHE :o) is developing the nerve cells in her brain for her five senses, and also adding the protective vernix caseosa to her skin to keep it from pickling in the amniotic fluid.

weight gain:  4 pounds.  Gained just under a pound this past week.  Although yesterday the scale was saying an additional pound as well.  Hmm oh well.  I'll pretend I never saw it.

maternity clothes:  Sometimes I wear maternity pants, sometimes I still just go the hair tie route.  I have a couple pairs of colored skinnies I got at Target knowing full well at the time the waist was way too big, but they might just last me a little longer in the pregnancy, and they are decently comfortable buttoned.  Tops I either need a maternity top, a long top, or a long tank of some sort under my shirt.

symptoms: Some headaches this week and some round ligament pain after I run.  It is also starting to get uncomfortable to bend over and get on and off the floor.

exercise: Some how I squeezed in activity six days this week.  three walks (1 mile, 1.25 miles and 2.25 miles, one short session on the stationery bike (3.25 miles), and 4 runs (4.5 miles, 5 miles, 5.4 miles and 9 miles).  Still no strength this week, gotta get on that.

cravings/aversions: Sweets.  I'm trying to eat more fruit to curb the addiction, but it isn't helping.  And still just wanting random things that I see.  On Monday I drove by a KFC and I could not stop thinking about freaking fried chicken.  I didn't give in, but man.  I wanted it something bad.  Aversions would be olives, and eggs are starting to sound gross again.

movement: Yes, still not super consistent, and not a lot, but I get a few kicks every night.  Chris got to feel another one a couple days ago, but for the most part he can't feel them.  Soon enough I'm sure.

sleep:  I haven't been going to bed earlier enough (my own fault), I'm super congested, and right now I have a ton of bug bites that are waking me up because I'm scratching.  Fun stuff.

gender: Still in shock that it is a girl.  But I'm thrilled.  So excited for Ryann to have a sister, I really really hope they can get along and be close.

looking forward to:  Colder weather, so that I can legitimately eat cold weather food like chili and soup.  Also raspberry hot chocolate from Starbucks.  Can you tell I think about food a lot?  Also Chris's aunt is going to crochet some things for the babe and I'm super excited about that.

worries: I don't really have any major worries right now.  Just sort of freaking out about getting stuff done around the house, deciding what to do in the nursery and picking a name, I'm worried Chris and I will never agree, and never find something we really love.

what's different this time:  Not feeling confident in a name choice.  Even though we didn't officially decide on a name for Ryann until later on, she was pretty much Ryann before she was ever conceived.  This time I have some names that I kind of like, and Chris kind of likes some other ones, but there aren't really and major front runners.  If you have some suggestions for not overly popular names definitely throw them my way. 

milestones:  Finding out we're having another girl.

best moment this week:  The gender reveal party for sure.  I'm so thankful to know that there is another little princess inhabiting my belly and it was great to spend time with family and friends.  Also the ultrasound was pretty awesome.  Baby girl is looking great and it was awesome to see her.  Silly thing was hanging out with her feet way over her head.  I thought it was funny simply because I feel like if you're going to have some time not to be completely squished I'd think now would be that time.  Pretty soon she is going to be stuck like that!  Here are some of the shots the tech gave me:



Anonymous said...

I had a female friend in college named Kyle. You could stick with a theme ;)

Sarah and Derek said...

I loved all L names but didn't like them with Lorson so here are some we will never use: Laketon, Leighton and Luca.

your sono shots are AWESOME. We got 4 and none are that great. I want a redo :) I'm not even confident she has 2 legs and 2 arms cause I don't remember getting a good view of them. oh god now I am freaking myself out

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

i know a girl name devon, but i like the above commentor's suggestion of kyle. it would be a cute theme :) great sono shots!!! mine haven't been good this time around, but i have a different doctor since we moved. still awesome nonetheless :)

Former Fat Bride said...

I really like the above comments on names- Kyle or Devyn would sound so cute with Ryann! I like Layton and Elouise too!

Jenny said...

That's a cute belt you're wearing!

I think we have pretty different naming styles, but some of the runners up for Ruby's name were Philippa (Pippa), Hazel, and Ivy.

I've had girl students named Dylan, Daley, and Bailey, which kind of go with your boys' names for girls thing. And Bailey had a little sister Kelsey. Ryann and Kelsey could be cute.

Erin said...

While I am so glad I have a boy, I am still really sad that Annie (probably) won't have a sister... Growing up with just my sister and I, it's hard knowing she won't have that! Luckily she has lots of little girlfriends and a girl cousin who's just a year younger so that's good.

Girl names, I'm guessing you'll think these are bo-ring but oh well ;) (Also, I knew a girl Kyle in HS too!) There were our top picks other than Annie: Alice, Greta, Jane. Naming a kid is SO much pressure!

WinterBenson said...

You look great!

I LOVED your gender reveal party pics! How awesome! Ours is tomorrow hopefully! Depending on whether the little one cooperates at the U/S! :)