June 8, 2010


I think babysitting my printer is almost as much work as taking care of my baby. I am on to some invites, which are a little less work to print than the programs, but still require babysitting nonetheless. Luckily Ry has been taking great naps these past couple days so I can get some work done. Too bad my to do list is a mile long... and the only things I want to check off are 'write a blog post' and 'upload pics to facebook'. Don't judge.

My girl turned 10 weeks old yesterday. 10 WEEKS! Has it really been 10 weeks since she was born. Has it only been 10 weeks? I'm not sure which part sounds crazier.

Here is a compilation of videos with her testing out her vocabulary. The first clip is my favorite right now. It just makes me laugh.

Oh and thanks for teaching me to rotate my videos. It is much appreciated! (And maybe if I had spent five minutes trying to figure it out last time it would have happened. Oh well.)

And back to loading paper. Sigh.

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