June 29, 2010

three months

That's right. Ryann is three months old today. I really need to stop saying how much I can't believe how old she is. My baby girl is getting SO BIG! She still isn't a big chunky baby by any means, but she is getting rolls on her thighs, her cheeks are filling out, and no longer feels like a lightweight when I pick her up.

We didn't have to see the doctor this month (hooray!) so I don't have any official stats, but Chris and I did our best to see how she measures up. Ryann is roughly 12 pounds 10 ounces, and about 23 inches long. She is wearing 0-3 month clothing (but some outfits are getting a little short!) and size one diapers. She is eating 4 ounces of formula roughly every 3 hours.

Most of the time Ry is still a pretty calm, exceptionally good little baby, but she is most definitely developing her personality more and more each day. She isn't a cuddler, she loves to lay on the ground and move around, and take in the world (or her frog of course). She hates riding in her carseat. She is picky about when she actually wants her pacifier. She can be a bit of a bear when she is tired. When she isn't extremely upset, but isn't getting her way fast enough, she has this sort of fake cry, that is somewhat of an aggressive 'eh eh' sound (usually when she is hungry, and you are in the 'feeding position', she will do this until the bottle is in her mouth).

Sometimes she is stingy with her smiles, they are adorable, but you usually have to work to get one (unless you're her daddy). We haven't really heard a giggle or laugh yet. When I am trying to get her to smile I usually get a lip twitch with an eyebrow raise, as if she is saying 'Is that all you've got lady? I'm not buying it.' Her eyebrows and eyes are extremely expressive.

I am happy to report that our evenings getting Ry to sleep having been going MUCH MUCH better. As in, my baby has been in her bed asleep between 9 and 9:30 for the past week, and she will sleep 8-10 hours straight. We lightly established a routine. Starting between 8:30 and 8:40 we give her a bath, lotion her up, put on jammies, have a bottle, read a book and then rock to sleep. If it has been an exceptionally exhausting day we usually don't make it to the book as she falls asleep while she is eating.

She is still sleeping in the arms reach cosleeper in our bedroom, but I think she will soon be transitioning to her crib. I am dreading that. Yes, I'm aware I will probably sleep much better if there isn't a grunty/snorty/wiggly little baby sleeping next to me, but I can't imagine not being able to just glance over and see my little girl. And I love pulling her into bed with me in the mornings. BUT... I don't want her sleeping in our room forever, and I'm sure it will be much easier to break that habit now rather than later.

As far as napping is concerned... napping Ry is not friends with. She usually only lasts 60-90 minutes before she is ready to go down for a nap, and she fights it like it's her job. We are still swaddling for naps, and it usually involves me standing (she usually screams if you sit), rocking and bouncing my little burrito for 20 minutes or more before she will finally fall asleep. Chris can do his little Jedi mind trick (aka, using his finger to put very light pressure just above her nose) and knock her out better than I can most times, but occasionally she just won't have it. Sometimes she will sleep for 40 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, it just depends. And so far, forget napping in the crib. She is still in the swing. I know I need to transition her out of it, but it is so defeating to spend thirty minutes getting your baby to sleep, only to have her wake up within 10 minutes of being laid down in the crib. We don't have a white noise machine for her bedroom yet, and I think that is part of the problem. So if anyone wants to suggest theirs feel free!

Right now Ryann is loving her black and white rattle (as seen in previous posts), still having a love/hate relationship with that frog, and is indifferent to Sophie. She isn't effectively grabbing or reaching for anything yet, but she does a lot of swatting at toys that I think is intentional. Rolling from tummy to back is definitely a skill that stuck, but she isn't that great at it. Every time I put her on her stomach, she is instantly trying to roll back over, but her arm is usually in the way and she can't quite figure out what to do with it. I would say she rolls over probably once a day. (It might be more if she didn't get so ticked off when it doesn't happen as quickly as she would like!)

It was hard to get a good picture of her facing the light, because she kept contorting herself into all sorts of weird positions. Possibly attempting to roll over? Who knows.

We believe the poor baby has her first cold, or she has been doomed to have a horrible combination of sinus problems from both Chris and myself. She has been so congested, we are using the booger sucker like crazy (which sometimes she finds funny, I guess maybe it feels weird to have your boogers sucked). Hopefully the congestion clears up soon, I think it is keeping her from getting restful sleep, even though she is sleeping for a good length of time.

I think that is all I have to share for now. I am excited to see what we will be discussing next month!


Ashley said...

3 months! Yah!! Does that mean maternity leave is up?
And yes, if you don't want her sleeping with you put her in her crib. I made the decision to co-sleep longer which worked great for our family, but now she needs to be in her own crib and it's tough to break her into it. I wouldn't change co-sleeping though. I loved it. Sleeping is a tough subject I think because everyone has their own thoughts on it, but I think you have to do what is right for you and your family.

Amy said...

Congrats on hitting the third month! We will get there this Friday! So crazy. Ryann just keeps getting cuter each month!

S. Anderson said...

Two things: Try an exercise ball to bounce her for naps. Much easier on you. And, second beware of using the snot sucker too much; it can actually cause more congestion than it helps! Glad to hear that all is well!

Erin said...

She is so cute! Annie isn't a cuddler either, and from about 6 weeks on, a lot of the time she prefers to just be on her own on a blanket on the ground! Glad to hear she's sleeping so well for you - that is awesome. We have a video monitor, which is awesome - it definitely helped us with the transition to the nursery.