June 15, 2010

cheesy mashed potatoes

This weekend I had a craving for cheesy mashed potatoes. (Ok lately I am craving cheesy anything, I just decided to go with potatoes) I didn't take a picture of mine, so here is the one from allrecipes.com.

Although the potatoes were good, I don't think it is the best cheesy potato recipe out there. I don't know that for sure, considering I have never tried another recipe, but I felt like there was something missing from these. With that said, if you are looking for a cheesy potato recipe, this one will definitely suffice. You can find the recipe here.



Jennifer said...

Yum...I am definitely going yo have to try this recipe!!

I love your blog!!

Dani @ OK, Dan said...

Yum. I use pepper jack cheese and crumble bacon on my cheezy mashed potataters, maybe that's what was missin'? Glad you got your cheese fix!

Just found your blog today...and love it...even though I'm now craving cheese.
Thanks a lot. ::sigh::