June 6, 2010

this and that

My printer and I have a love hate relationship. We are currently deep in the middle of one of the hate phases. Therefore I am sitting here babysitting my printer while I attempt to make 200 wedding programs. Which means... I am blogging some tidbits in my 90 second intervals between pushing print for each of the 200 programs, and loading paper one sheet at a time. Joy.

:: Ry and JT had another play date. I thought Ry was doing great gaining weight, but at 13 pounds, I think he has her beat.

:: I wish I wasn't babysitting my printer so I could make something delicious for dinner, instead of ordering pizza. But then again, who am I kidding, pizza is pretty tasty. But I do feel like cooking, mostly appetizers. I'm not sure why :o).

:: My small collection of babylegs arrived in the mail on Friday. I'm in love :o)

:: Seriously, this is a total daddy's girl. She lights up when she sees him. I have also discovered that she doesn't nap as well when he is home, which makes me think that she would rather hang out with her daddy than sleep.

:: I'm in the mood for a trip to HomeGoods. Not that I really have any money to blow on home accessories, but I'd love to at least browse and dream.

:: We started practicing sitting in the bumbo this week. She only lasts about three minutes before her head gets way to heavy for her, but she tries so hard, and often seems pretty amused to be sitting up.

:: I really want to put up a backsplash in our kitchen. We are planning to at some point, but I think I want to make it happen sooner rather than later. My first choice would be some sort of glass tile, but I don't know what kind, plus that could add up. White subway tile would work, but that would be a lot of white. Anyone have any suggestions?

There are many more random tidbits that I could share, but I have a feeling you're getting bored with me. Plus it is hard to focus when I keep switching back and forth between inDesign and the internet. Guess I'll just have to browse etsy!


Mrs. Jenna said...

Have you seen the "stainless steel" subway tile? I like that a lot, and it looks like it would work well with your appliances and cabinet hardware. :)


Very cute pictures! And that is the cutest bumbo seat cover, I have never seen that before! Where did you get it?


Awesome, I will have to check out that shop, thank you!!