June 11, 2010

houston, we have a roller

Please excuse the volume of my voice. I was a little bit excited.

This is the first time she rolled from tummy to back, and I just happened to catch it on video. It definitely wasn't the most graceful roll, and I don't think she will be very consistent with it any time soon, but I'm so proud. :o)

If you would have asked me at 20, the things that would excite me in a few years, I can almost guarantee I wouldn't have said shower curtains and babies rolling over. Oh how things change.


The Barkemeyers said...

Awww that's so awesome! It looked like she was trying really hard that whole time to get herself to go!

Cardigans are a gift from God said...

Oh yay! Not only is your daughter so cute, but what a cute and excited mama you are! I love it.

kenzie said...

yayayayay!! go ry ry!!! advanced baby!

Ashley said...

she hasn't done it again, but it is still exciting :o)

Christen said...

Awww... how cute!! That's amazing!

How do you take your videos? Is it with an iphone? I want to put a video up on my blog, so just thought I'd ask.

Ashley said...


Yes I use an iPhone most of the time. I upload them to my mac, edit them in iMovie, and then use the video tool on blogger (its next to the photo icon) to put it in the post. Hope that helps!