June 19, 2010

ryann and the frog, the neverending saga

Don't you even think about touching my rattle. I'll bite you. (Or gum you I suppose)

I think this frog has to become my running joke. I know, you're probably sick of seeing pictures of my kid staring at a frog, but I think it is too funny how much she chats it up with this guy, and often gives him evil looks.

And on a side note, I made her hold onto that rattle. She still isn't reaching out to grab things, she swats at them, but doesn't try to hold them. Occasionally I put her hands around things so maybe she'll figure it out. As soon as I put the rattle in her hands, it went straight to her mouth. Typical baby I suppose :o).

1 comment:

Amy said...

Aww! Too funny! Sophie has the same rattle and yes, it all goes in her mouth too!