June 22, 2010

i want one

Meet the silhouette machine.

The silhouette machine is like a cricut, except you don't have to buy special cartridges to get different fonts and designs, you design everything on your computer. For a computer/graphic design/ crafting geek like me, that sounds AMAZING. This thing can cut paper, it can cut vinyl, it can do a lot of things. Seriously go to the website and take a look. Also, check out the projects that Chris at Just a Girl has made with hers:

Its only flaw? It claims it doesn't work with Macs. Definite shot to the heart. I know someone had posted about how they made their silhouette work with a mac, but I can't for the life of me remember which blog I was reading. If anyone can give me a little step by step on how I could make it happen, I just might HAVE to buy one.