June 4, 2010

beautify your blog

So I would consider myself a computer savvy girl. I can generally figure out how to do something on a PC or a Mac (though I am an extreme Apple advocate :o). But for some reason creating things on the web and html baffle me. I somewhat understand how it works and what not, but I'm just not good at it, I think partly because usually when I am learning how to create things on the web, is isn't directed specifically to what I'm doing exactly, so I don't pay attention. Bad me, I know.

But this morning as I was going through my daily blog reads I popped onto the DIY Showoff to take a peak at the kitchen reno she was featuring. It happened to also include a link to Bambina Babe's posts on how to beautify your blog. I can't wait to give some of them a try!

So... if the blog looks screwy over the next few days please forgive me. You know I'm not always the quickest chick around!

1 comment:

Bambina Babe said...

Ahhh, thanks so much! Have fun with the blog design tips! :)

You have a super cute blog, I love it!