January 2, 2011

cute crayon folio

So awhile back (uh, like October?) I received the awesome package of winnings that I got from Emily's Share the Love week.

I also received a package from Amy Dunn Designs.  Part of my prize was to pick a crayon folio from Amy's shop.  I thought the fabrics of the one I picked were so fun and cute, that I had Amy make me a custom list taker as well.

I love both products, but I REALLY love the crayon folio.  It is so well made, so cute, and I know Ryann will have some much fun with it when she is old enough to color.  It is perfect to throw in your purse, and then pull out when the kids need a little entertainment.  And yes, it comes with the paper and the crayons.

My theory on our matching items (besides the fact that I just think the fabric is cute), is that maybe, just maybe, Ryann will think it is cool to be a little like her mommy.  But that might be wishful thinking.

I was not compensated for this review.  I just thought Amy was a dream to work with and her products are well made.  So I figure giving a good etsy seller a nod when it is deserved is what I should do :o).

Check out Amy's shop here, and her blog here!

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shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

super cute! heading over now! thanks for the share!