January 21, 2011

photo overload

First, thank you everyone, for your comments on my solids post.  I will say that I am not at all worried about her getting enough to eat.  I'm sure part of our problem with solids is that she still gets 26-28 ounces of formula a day, so she isn't super hungry for solids.  But I'm paranoid about cutting back her bottles without offering something that I know won't make her throw up.  And the kid shouldn't just live on cheerios :o).  I think another part of the problem is the fact that she throws up frequently when she tries new things.  I bet if I puked every time I tried something new, I wouldn't be trying too much either.

But seriously, thank you for all of your encouragement and advice.  It is always good to hear.

And now for another random picture overload.  I think after this I will have gotten all of the old random pictures posted that I want to :o)

mom! PLEASE stop taking my picture!

We had a little play date with JT last week.  Ryann couldn't be bothered to take a picture with him.  She was obsessed with his little light up high chair toy.

that little boy has some mad skills!  standing all by himself at just under nine months.

Just your everyday average fake bath.  Water or not she wants to sit in there.

 you want my number nine?
you know you do!

She does love a good fake bath.  But she definitely prefers the real deal.  I can't get enough of her little wet smile.  Oh, and make sure you wear a poncho.  It is splash city these days!

And from our play date today...

 she always thinks his paci is funny, and tries to get it out of his mouth
 JT is such a little ham :o)

 That is all :o).

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misc.alaina said...

Her little facial expressions are hilarious! I love the fake bath time. Too cute!!