January 25, 2011

look ma, no hands!

Don't forget you can ask me anything in the comments section of this post.  I will probably post all of the answers on Friday.  Probably :o).

I just wanted to share a couple of videos.  The first, is Ryann showing off her new skill.  She can now balance for a decent amount of time in a standing position.  While she is playing she will set herself up, then balance for a few seconds before putting her arms down.  Then she looks at you with a big smile like, "I did good!  Right?  :o)".

Unfortunately her most frequent method of getting down is that flat out free fall.  Not the brightest idea when no one is there to catch you.

And then of course my two favorite people showing off their tongue clicking skills.  It is become a part of their greeting.  Whenever Chris comes in to the room Ryann will smile and click her tongue at him.

Chris and Ryann also frequently do this to each other...

Great little party trick :o).  She still refuses to copy me when I try to play 'so big' with her.  But she smiles at me.  Whatever.  At least we can get her to shake her head like a nut right?


Erin said...

love the vids! Whenever Annie lets go after standing up, she plops down on her butt after about 2 seconds :) And forget about getting her to stand up with just us standing her up - there is NO WAY - it's like she's saying, um, you want me to do something? Then I won't do it. So there. :)

Kalen said...

In the first video, I love the "That's my girl!" at the end. *dies* So cute. In the second video, I don't even know which part is cutest, it's all adorable. And the third one is hilarious! Your baby is such a ball of sunshine. You guys are so blessed, and so is she! :)

Anonymous said...

i can't even handle how cute ryann is!